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Fujitsu Becomes Potent Force in Irish IT Solutions Market with Merger of Three Companies

Fujitsu Ireland Ltd

October 01, 2009

“Today is the day that sees the full might of Fujitsu enter the Irish market, operating as one cohesive entity for the first time, said Regina Moran of CEO of Fujitsu in her letter to customers and partners as three existing Fujitsu businesses merged on October 1st. “Our Japanese heritage ensures we are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. This combined with our Eastern expertise of striving for repeatable and robust IT Solutions ensures we can deliver our customers tried and tested products, solutions and consulting services.”

Fujitsu now encompasses the united strength and customer base of three IT solutions organisations in Ireland, Fujitsu Services, Fujitsu Siemens and Fujitsu ITPS. Uniting these three business units provides Fujitsu with the breadth of service and product offering, existing customer base and consulting and technology expertise to be a dominant force in the IT Solutions market in Ireland.

The new Fujitsu business in Ireland will be led by newly appointed CEO, Regina Moran. She previously held the role of CEO of Fujitsu Services in Ireland where she streamlined the business to deliver in three areas; Consulting, Systems Integration and Managed Services growing revenues significantly during her 3 years in charge.

Highlighting the unique approach that Fujitsu will bring to the market in Ireland, Moran continued; “We do not want to reinvent technology solutions for every customers. We do not believe there is a need to do this. With tight budgets and the emphasis on green, the concept of disposable technology and 100% bespoke implementations that our competitors can prefer, and the customer pays for, is our greatest market opportunity. We intend to exploit this fully in the Irish market.”

The maturity of the IT solutions market and the current economic climate means Fujitsu is the natural next stage provider as the market reaches a new level of maturity, where the dedication to and investment in the industrialisation of IT or Lean IT and repeatability of solutions delivers a more secure option for customers.

About Fujitsu Ireland Ltd.

Fujitsu is a top five IT solutions provider in Ireland, delivering integrated offerings including consulting, systems integration, managed services and outsourcing to customers, helping them achieve business benefits from their IT investment.

Led by CEO, Regina Moran, the company attributes its success to its Japanese heritage of Lean computing and a methodology based on the concept of continuous service improvement combined with a focus on good technology.

Fujitsu’s existing customer base includes the leading organisations in the public and private sector in Ireland, including AIB, Airtricity, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Department of Social Protection, KBC Bank, Road Safety Authority, Tesco Ireland, The Irish Courts Service, Houses of the Oireachtas Service, The Revenue Commissioners and University College Dublin


Date: 01 October, 2009