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Fujitsu wins award for Managed VoIP Service

October 10, 2006

Fujitsu Services today scooped the ‘Network & Services Management & Operations’ award at this year’s InfoVision Awards for its Managed VoIP Service. Held at the Broadband World Forum Europe in Paris and organised by the International Engineering Consortium (IEC), the awards recognise those deemed to be the most unique and beneficial to the telecommunications industry.

Fujitsu launched its Managed VoIP Service in May 2006 for medium and large companies. It provides a low cost and efficient means of complementing or replacing traditional phone systems, leading to a better range of services and greater organisational flexibility. While developing its Managed VoIP Service, Fujitsu was focused on removing the risk and costs normally associated with competitive solutions. As a result, and in contrast to traditional high capital spend models currently available, Fujitsu’s VoIP service is offered on a Per User Per Month (PUPM) basis which guarantees predictable expenditure.

Having collected Fujitsu’s award, Stuart Ebdon, head of vendor strategy, at Fujitsu Services said: “While developing our service, we were struck by how many businesses were being stung by unnecessary charges and over-inflated costs. Our service is completely transparent from a cost point of view as well as flexible, resilient and secure – thus meeting the needs of the market. Having our commitment and investment recognised at the InfoVision Awards is a very welcome endorsement of Fujitsu’s belief for the future of VoIP services.”

The key benefits customers will realise from Fujitsu’s VoIP solution include:

  • Predictable monthly cost and very low CAPEX – a “no surprises” all-inclusive call package with a standard monthly charge
  • Greater organisational flexibility – with VoIP, the system holds the users’ profile so that they can remotely long on to retrieve telephone and voicemail services anywhere in a building or through any of the company’s global network connections by using a VPN link. Set-up time for the new service is minimal and uses a ‘plug & go’ philosophy. Also, assets are not lost or written off when an office relocates (unlike with traditional PBX systems) as the system can simply be routed to a different facility.
  • Services for staff – using the new VoIP solution provides users access to a wide range of new and improved services including: voice conferencing, integrated e-mail and voicemail and softphones (headsets) can be used with PCs.
  • Highly secure network – Fujitsu provides a high performance, fully integrated and secure communications network for businesses so that users receive excellent sound clarity and a highly secure working environment benefiting from Fujitsu’s history of working within Government

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About Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services is one of the leading IT services companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa . It has an annual turnover of £1.74 billion, (€2.58 billion) employs 14,500 people and operates in over 20 countries. It designs, builds and operates IT systems and services for customers in the financial services, telecom, retail, utilities and government markets. Its core strength is the delivery of IT infrastructure management and outsourcing across desktop, networking and data centre environments, together with a full range of related services, from consulting through integration and deployment. Headquartered in London , Fujitsu Services is the European-centred IT services arm of the Fujitsu Group. The Fujitsu Group is a US$45 billion (€37 billion) leader in customer-focused IT systems and services for the global marketplace.

International Engineering Consortium

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing technology and business progress worldwide in a range of high-technology industries and their university communities. Since 1944, the IEC has provided high-quality educational opportunities for industry professionals, academics, and students. In conjunction with industry-leading companies, the IEC has developed an extensive, free on-line educational program. The IEC conducts industry-university programs that have a substantial impact on curricula. It also conducts research and develops publications, conferences, and technological exhibits that address major opportunities and challenges of the information age. More than 70 leading high-technology universities are IEC affiliates, and the IEC handles the affairs of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association and Eta Kappa Nu, the honor society for electrical and computer engineers. The IEC also manages the activities of the Enterprise Communications Consortium.

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Date: 10 October, 2006