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Fujitsu launches VoIP solution

VoIP from Fujitsu – cost effective, resilient and secure.

May 22, 2006

Fujitsu Services today announced the launch of its new Voice over IP (VoIP) offering for medium to large companies. The Managed VoIP Service from Fujitsu will provide a low cost and efficient way to complement or replace traditional phone systems, leading to better range of services and greater organisational flexibility. In contrast to traditional high capital spend models available, Fujitsu’s VoIP service is offered at a price Per User Per Month (PUPM) model which guarantees predictable expenditure.

The new solution, available in June 2006, will enable businesses to adopt VoIP with the minimum amount of risk and cost. Fujitsu’s PUPM scheme means that the standard VoIP service costs just £21pcm along with a monthly handset charge of between £4 - £15 according to the customer’s need and a one-off install fee of £25 per desk. Therefore, the scheme requires minimal capital investment and will cut business telephony costs by up to approximately 30%. It includes all internal, UK external fixed, and mobile calls, a full voicemail service, a helpdesk and unlimited moves and changes to the system.

Stuart Ebdon, head of vendor strategy, at Fujitsu Services said: “While VoIP services are hitting the mainstream, businesses are being stung by company’s charging unnecessary and over inflated costs associated with implementation, this is why we introduced our transparent costing plan to give the opportunity of VoIP to as many companies as possible. Having worked with the majority of the world’s carriers, Fujitsu is in a strong position to undertake such a project for companies, we have over 70 years of telecommunications experience and the staff expertise and desire to deliver the best possible service.”

In addition there is a clear feature set that companies can take to enhance the service including international and premium rate calls charged separately via an itemised bill or inclusively on a separate package, specialised IP phones with greater functionality and dedicated customer care options. Fujitsu can also deliver a custom-built VoIP solution and services, with supporting design and project services for transitioning existing services and creating a fully converged network infrastructure.

The key benefits customers will realise from Fujitsu’s VoIP solution include:

  • Greater organisational flexibility – with VoIP, the system holds the users’ profile so that they can remotely long on to retrieve telephone and voicemail services anywhere in a building or through any of the company’s global network connections by using a VPN link. Set-up time for the new service is minimal and uses a ‘plug & go’ philosophy. Also, assets are not lost or written off when an office relocates (unlike with traditional PBX systems) as the system can simply be routed to a different facility.
  • Services for staff – using the new VoIP solution provides users access to a wide range of new and improved services including: voice conferencing, integrated e-mail and voicemail and softphones (headsets) can be used with PC’s.
  • Highly secure network – Fujitsu provides a high performance, fully integrated and secure communications network for businesses so that users receive excellent sound clarity and a highly secure working environment benefiting from Fujitsu’s history with working within Government.

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Mit einem Umsatz von mehr als 34 Mrd. EUR im Jahr 2006 zählt Fujitsu zu den drei größten IT-Services Unternehmen der Welt. Die Fujitsu Gruppe beschäftigt weltweit über 161.000 Mitarbeiter – hiervon sind nahezu 2.000 im Bereich SAP-Beratung tätig – und ist in 70 Ländern aktiv. Fujitsu Services ist das europäische IT-Services Unternehmen der Fujitsu Gruppe und gehört mit einem Jahresumsatz von EUR 3,59 Mrd. zu den führenden IT Services-Anbietern in EMEA. Fujitsu Services beschäftigt rund 22.000 Mitarbeiter und ist in mehr als 20 Ländern tätig. Die Fujitsu Services AG in der Schweiz entstand am 1.4.2002 durch die Umbenennung der ICL (Schweiz) AG, die seit 1976 auf dem Schweizer Markt vertreten ist. Hauptsitz der Fujitsu Services in der Schweiz ist Regensdorf. Weitere Niederlassungen befinden sich in Bern und Genf. Fujitsu Services beschäftigt in der Schweiz inkl. Tochterunternehmen rund 80 Mitarbeiter. Weitere Informationen:

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Date: 22 May, 2006