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  5. Enhanced Service-Oriented Architecture Functionality in Fujitsu Interstage Suite Bridges the Gap Between Business and IT

Fujitsu Sees Accelerated Global Demand For Interstage Suite

Enhanced Service-Oriented Architecture Functionality in Fujitsu Interstage Suite Bridges the Gap Between Business and IT

January 25, 2006

Fujitsu Software Corporation today announced accelerated demand for its Interstage® Suite, one of the world’s broadest lines of application infrastructure software products. Fujitsu’s sales for the Interstage Suite grew exponentially in 2005 with the North American and European market recording a 140 percent increase in sales during this period, as customers and partners made Interstage Suite products their solution of choice to design, develop and manage their applications. Contributing to the growing demand were new versions of Fujitsu’s proven Interstage products featuring enhanced Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) functionality.

Global companies and leading government agencies around the world are adopting the Interstage Suite and choosing Fujitsu as their trusted SOA middleware supplier. Among these enterprises are new customers, including Boeing, NBC Universal, EPCOR Utilities Inc., Central Statistics Office Ireland, Swiss Medical Group, Bryant University, MSD Capital and Bank of Spain. Existing customers and partners such as Zenith Insurance, Interwoven, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, OpenPages, SSA Global Technologies, Transware and General Dynamics continue to expand their partnership with Fujitsu to meet their increasing business needs.

Fujitsu’s process-driven approach to SOA using the industry-leading BPM solution, Interstage Business Process Manager, together with Interstage CentraSite, Fujitsu’s newly introduced SOA registry and repository, is geared towards successfully bringing business and IT professionals together. This top-down approach lets companies collaborate on translating real business models into optimised, executable business processes while letting them reuse their existing Visio process maps, IT infrastructure and other SOA assets to reduce operational costs and maximise business efficiencies.

"When combined with flexibility and faster, lower-cost integration, SOA has been nothing but hot for businesses large and small," writes Randy Heffner in the December 2005 report Topic Overview: Service-Oriented Architecture. "The value of connections, change, and control highlight the long-term benefits of SOA: flexible architecture for future use; a large but evolving vision for SOA in the enterprise, dependent on the digital business model and particular services; and a standards-based environment in which to seamlessly integrate applications."

In 2005, license revenues through Fujitsu Software Corporation’s channel partners grew 160 percent. Fujitsu also expanded the delivery of best-in-class solutions based on its Interstage technology through relationships with Software AG, IDS Scheer, Zynium, Bowne & Co. and Dynamic Access Systems.

  • Software AG and Fujitsu delivered a joint offering to help organisations manage integration components within a SOA. CentraSite™, an open, next generation SOA repository, promotes greater collaboration between business and IT by uniting metadata from service oriented integration products.
  • IDS Scheer and Fujitsu have expanded their strategic alliance to jointly deliver support for complete business process lifecycle management to their customers.
  • Zynium and Fujitsu have delivered a solution that lets customers convert existing libraries of static Visio diagrams into executable business process applications within Interstage Business Process Manager.
  • Filing agents American Financial Printing, Bowne & Co., Inc. and Dynamic Access Systems are helping Fujitsu to promote and support the worldwide adoption of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) based solutions to meet new demands for visibility and timeliness in financial reporting.

“The growing demand that we and our partners have seen for Interstage products reflects the priority that global enterprises are placing on proven solutions that both address their specific needs today and will allow them to adopt a service-oriented architecture that will support them in the future,” said Robert Sepanloo, senior vice president of Interstage at Fujitsu Software Corporation.

Contributing to customer demand have been new product releases of Fujitsu’s Interstage Suite, one of the world’s broadest families of application infrastructure software products, featuring enhanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) functionality. New product versions include:

  • Interstage Business Process Manager Studio delivers seamless process collaboration and communication between business and IT users. The graphical process modelling studio offers IT the power of an Eclipse-based modelling environment, while providing business analysts superior ease-of-use via an intuitive Visio-like interface. In keeping with Fujitsu’s tradition of championing standards, Interstage Business Process Manager Studio is the first process modeller to support both the newly ratified XPDL 2.0 standard as well as Business Process Modelling Notations (BPMN).
  • Interstage Business Process Manager v7.1 features integration with Interstage CentraSite, a SOA registry and repository co-developed by Fujitsu and Software AG. It also includes integration with IDS Scheer’s process modelling ARIS Business Architect, enabling business analysts to leverage and automate their EPC-based process diagrams and ARIS Process Performance Manager, providing business users with advanced business process analysis capabilities.
  • Interstage Contentbiz v7 extends support for Web services and SOA, offers a new extensible audit trail, and enhances integration capabilities to enable companies to more effectively capture, manage, publish and distribute structured and unstructured enterprise content resident in disparate, networked systems independent of format or location.
  • Interstage XWand v7 (formerly Interstage XBRL Processor) supports XBRL 2.1 and features enhancements for efficiently creating and managing financial reports, which enable organisations to quickly realise the many benefits of implementing XBRL-based solutions.
  • Interstage Application Server v7 builds on the software’s unmatched stability and J2EE performance with new multi-server management and provisioning capabilities, as well as enhancements to scalability, reliability and security and support for J2SE 1.3.1 and 1.4.2.

About Fujitsu Software Corporation

Fujitsu Software Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, is part of the Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) family. The wholly owned subsidiary delivers one of the world’s broadest lines of application infrastructure software products, including the Interstage® Suite and NetCOBOL®. Fujitsu Software Corporation leverages Fujitsu’s international scope and expertise in developing and providing information technology solutions, including more than 4,000 software developers worldwide.

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Date: 25 January, 2006