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Sustainable Energy

Taking energy for granted
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Sustainable Energy
Urban Migration
Ageing Population
6 Internet of Things

Global energy demand is growing strongly but the current infrastructure is inflexible and over-reliant on fossil fuels.

How can technology help to reshape the energy landscape? Can we use IT to make fuels go farther? And what is the IT industry doing to limit its own impact on energy resources.

In this paper (683 KB), Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Simon McKenna sets out his opinion on how technology can be best used to support a sustainable, efficient energy industry we can all live with.


  • The relationship between energy demand and supply is volatile, especially given our continued reliance on fossil fuels and out-dated infrastructure.
  • We need to change our approach to energy - but the change may take several generations to accomplish.
  • We can drastically reduce usage and cut waste throughout industry, commerce, government and the domestic setting.
  • The tools are becoming available - we must ensure they have global application.