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Population Growth

Can the world's finite resources cope?
Population Growth
Sustainable Energy
Urban Migration
Ageing Population
6 Internet of Things

The world's population is growing fast, but its resources are dwindling. How will population growth affect the daily lives of your customers? And how will it affect your business?

The future is set to be more complex and competitive than ever, putting immense strain on existing commercial and social systems.

Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Ste Nadin tackles these issues and illustrates how IT is helping to reinvent business and keep our world safe and prosperous in his thought provoking paper. (509 KB)


  • The human family is growing fast - but can the world's finite resources cope?
  • Sensitive use of technology can improve resource management, asset usage and access to the good things in life for everybody.
  • We can bring better services to every citizen, even as numbers rise and needs become more complex.
  • And putting digitalisation to work will reshape business - generating new opportunities for us and our children.