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6 Internet of Things

Technology is ever more important in healthcare, promising great advances in personalised care, increased effectiveness and lower costs. We're seeing smart sensors in hospitals, homes – and on consumers' wrists.

The decoding of the human genome is beginning to deliver benefits to patients alongside other forms of personalised healthcare.

Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Andrew Harding introduces the major themes in healthcare technology today in his paper (859 KB) – from closing information gaps to personalised care and security assurance.


  • Data is the lifeblood of healthcare - with better information, we can treat more patients and improve everybody's quality of life.
  • Smart sensors are delivering a rush of valuable data which we need to gather, analyse and act on.
  • Medical research is making healthcare more personal - we must be ready to respond to changing demands.
  • Security need not be a headache if we work together openly and effectively.