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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 9

ICL technical journals


  • Client-server architecture
    John Brenner

  • How ICL Corporate Systems support Client-server: an Architectural Overview
    Richard Day

  • Exploiting Client-server Computing to meet the needs of Retail Banking Organisations
    Mike Haynes, Geoff Ibbett, Dave Walker

  • A practical example of Client-server Integration
    Andy Ellis

  • From a Frog to a Handsome Prince: Enhancing existing character based mainframe applications
    Alan Beer

  • Legacy systems in client-server networks: A gateway employing scripted terminal emulation
    Paul Duxbury

  • The Management of Client-server Systems
    Barrie Archer

  • Dialogue Manager: Integrating disparate services in client-server environments
    Roger Thompson, Ian Robertson

  • Distributed Printing in a Heterogeneous World
    Steve Hilditch

  • Systems Management: an example of a successful Client-server Architecture
    Mike Small, Dave Roberts

  • PARIS - ICL's Problem & Resolution Information System
    P.J. Loach


  • Establishing Co-operation in Federated Systems
    M. Beasley, J. Cameron, G. Girling, Y. Hoffner, R. van der Linden, G. Thomas

  • An ANSA Analysis of Open Dependable Distributed Computing
    N.J. Edwards

  • An Open Architecture for Real-Time Processing
    Guangxing Li, Dave Otway

  • Updating the Secure Office System
    John A. Jones

  • POSIX Security Framework
    David Rogers, Jane Ross

  • SQL Gateways for Client-Server Systems
    J.L. Venn

  • Asynchronous transfer mode - ATM
    Frank Deignan

  • The ICL search accelerator, SCAFS™: functionality and benefits
    M.W. Martin

  • Open Teleservice - A Framework for Service in the 90s
    Jerry Roddis

  • LEO, A personal memoire
    F. Land