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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 8

ICL technical journals


  • Defining CASE Requirements
    P.J. Vyse

  • ICL’s ICASE Products
    E. Felton and E. Soutter

  • The Engineering Database
    D. Clarke, K. Matthews and J. Pratt

  • CASE Data Integration: The Emerging International Standards
    A.K. Thompson

  • Building Maintainable Knowledge Based Systems
    F. Coenen and T. Bench-Capon

  • The Architecture of an Open Dictionary
    M.H. Kay

  • The Use of a Persistent Language in the Implementation of a Process Support System
    R.M. Greenwood, M.R. Guy and D.J.K. Robinson

  • ALF: A Third Generation Environment for Systems Engineering
    D.E. Oldfield

  • MASP/DL: The ALF Language for Process Modelling
    P. Griffiths

  • The ALF User Interface Management System
    M. Anderson

  • A New Notation for Dataflow Specifications
    M. Stubbs


  • Open Networks - The Key to Global Success
    J. Houldsworth

  • Infrastructure of Corporate Networks in the Nineties
    A.V. Flatman, J. Lawe and B. Russell

  • Broadband Networking
    J. Meers

  • FDDI - The High Speed Network for the Nineties
    M. Taylor

  • The Evolution of Wireless Networks
    A.V. Flatman and P.G. Weiser

  • Communications Technology for the Retail Environment
    E. Turner

  • RIBA - A Support Environment for Distributed Processing
    L.E. Crockford and A. Drahota

  • Information Technology: Support for Law Enforcement Investigations and Intelligence
    S.B. Southerden

  • Standard for Keyboard Layouts - The Origins and Scope of ISO/IEC 9995
    B. Paterson

  • ESS - A Solid State Disc System for ICL System for ICL Series 39 Mainframes
    A.W. Jenkins


  • An Introduction to OPENframework
    R.F. Brunt

  • The Evolution of the OPENframework Systems Architecture
    M.H. Kay

  • Creating Potential-for-Change
    G.D. Pratten and P. Henderson

  • OPENframework in Action at DEVETIR
    I. Craig

  • Strategic Information Systems Planning: A Process to Integrate IT and Business Strategies
    R. Thurlby

  • Describing Systems in the OPENframework Integration Knowledge Base
    S. O ’Connor

  • Multimedia and Standards for Open Information
    I.R. Campbell-Grant and C.R. Smethurst

  • VME-X: Making VME Open
    P. Coates

  • A New Approach to Cryptographic Facility Design
    J. Press

  • CHISLE: An Engineer’s Tool for Hardware System Design
    A. Jebson, C. Jones and H. Vosper

  • Distributed Detection of Deadlock
    S. Hilditch and T. Thomson


  • Toward the 4th Generation Office: A Study in Office Systems Evolution
    D. Hollingsworth

  • IPCS - Integrated Product Configuring Service
    C.W. Bartlett

  • CGS - The ICL Configurer Graphics Service
    S.M. Sharman

  • Location Transparency in Heterogeneous Networks
    A. Drahota, P.H. Ford and I.G. Vincent

  • Future Office Interconnection Architectures for LAN and Wide Area Access
    U. Baran

  • Parallel Lisp and the Text Translation System METAL on the European Declarative System
    C. Hammer

  • Detecting Latent Sector Faults in SCSI Disks
    H.H. Kari, H. Saikkonen and F. Lombardi