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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 7

ICL technical journals


  • Architecture of the DRS6000 (UNICORN) Hardware
    G. Poskitt

  • DRS6000 (UNICORN) software: an overview
    T.M. Cole

  • Electromechanical Design of DRS6000 (UNICORN)
    R. Pullen

  • The User-System Interface - a challenge for application users and application developers?
    Dr A.T.F. Hutt and F. Flower

  • The emergence of the separable user interface
    Professor E.A. Edmonds

  • SMIS - A Knowledge-Based Interface to Marketing Data
    C. Dobbyn and J. Cheesman

  • A Conversational Interface to a Constraint-Satisfaction System
    H. Lesan and Dr N.R. Seel

  • SODA: The ICL interface for ODA document access
    M. Coon

  • Human - Human co-operation and the design of co-operative mechanisms
    M. Smyth and A.A. Clarke

  • Regulatory Requirements for Security - User Access Control
    C.W. Blatchford

  • Standards for secure interfaces to distributed applications
    T.A. Parker

  • How to Use Colour in Displays - 1. Physiology Physics & Perception
    D. Van Laar and Dr R. Flavell


  • The SX Node Architecture
    J.R. Eaton, G. Allt and K. Hughes

  • SX Design Processes
    G.P. Abraham, D.C. Freeth and H. Vosper

  • Physical Design Concepts of the SX Mainframe
    C. Shaw

  • The Development of Marketing to Design: The Incorporation of Human Factors into Specification and Design
    A.T.F. Hutt and F. Flower

  • Advances in the Processing and Management of Multimedia Information
    M.H. O’Docherty, P.J Crowther, C.N. Daskalakis, C.A. Gobel, M.A. Ireton, S. Kay and C.S. Xydeas

  • An Overview of Multiworks
    M.E. Morris and I. Cole

  • RICHE-Rèseau d’lnformation et de Communication Hospitalier Européen
    (Healthcare Information and Communication Network for Europe)
    T. Drahota

  • E.S.F. - A European Programme for Evolutionary Introduction of Software Factories
    R. Thomas, C. Fernstroem and 0. Hesse

  • A Spreadsheet with Visible Logic
    V. West and E. Babb

  • Intelligent Help - The Results of the EUROHELP Project
    M. Smith and C. Tattersall

  • How to use Colour in Displays - Coding, Cognition and Comprehension
    D. Van Laar and R. Flavell

  • Eye Movements for A Bidirectional Human Interface
    R. Epworth

  • Government IT Infrastructure for the Nineties (GIN); An Introduction to the Programme
    P. Wiles


  • Introduction to the technical characteristics of ISDN 
    M. Orange 

  • ISDN in France: Numéris and its market 
    L. Calot and A. Spiracopoulos  

  • The Telecomms Scene in Spain
    J. Larraz

  • Future Applications of ISDN to Informatin Technology 
    A.R. Fuller

  • A Geographical Information system for Managing the Assets of a Water Company 
    C.E.H. Corbin

  • Using Constraint Logic Programming Techniques in Container Port Planning 
    M. Perrett

  • Locator - An Application of Knowledge Engineering to ICL's Customer Service 
    G.W. Rouse 

  • Designing the HCI for a Graphical Knowledge Tree Editor: A Case Study in User-Centred Design
    K. Lewis 

  • X/Open - From Strength to Strength 
    C.B. Taylor


  • System Management: A challenge for the Nineties - Why now?
    G. Brown

  • The Evolution within ICL of an Architecture for Systems Management
    A.C. Gale

  • Manageability of a Distributed System
    G.I. Jenkins

  • Distribution Management- ICL’s Open Approach
    P. Bartham and T. Howling

  • Experience of Managing Data Flows in Distributed Computing in Retail Businesses
    I.R. Pickworth

  • Generation of Configurations - a Collaborative Venture
    J. White

  • Operations Management
    D. Hacker

  • OSMC: The Operations Control Manager
    M. Small, J.D. Metcalf, K.J. Johnstone and J.W. Doores

  • The Network Management Domain
    A. Maynard-Smith

  • An Overview of the Raleigh Object-Oriented Database System
    M.H. Kay and P.J. Rivett

  • Making a Secure Office System
    B.J. Moore

  • Architectures of Knowledge Base Machines
    K-F. Wong

  • The Origins of PERICLES - A common on-line Interface
    J.W.S. Carmichael