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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 6

ICL technical journals


  • ICL series 39 support process
    R. Allison

  • The ICL systems support centre organisation
    J. Young

  • ICL Services Product Centre
    M.D. Griffiths

  • Knowledge engineering as an aid to the system service desks
    J.D. Mitcalf

  • Logic analysers for system problem solving
    B. Parker

  • Repair - past and future
    G.M. Coiley

  • OSI migration
    J. Houldsworth

  • A Network to Support Application Software Development
    V. Bodsworth

  • Universal Communications Cabling, A Building Utility
    A.V. Flatman

  • Collecting and generalising knowledge descriptions from task analysis data
    P. Johnson, H. Johnson and F. Russell

  • The architecture of an automated Quality Management System
    J.F. Walker and B.A. Kitchenham

  • ICL Company Research and Development Part 2: Mergers and Mainframes, 1959-1968
    M. Campbell-Kelly


  • Flexible manufacturing: Manufacturing at ICL’s Ashton plant
    R.W. Fisher

  • Information technology in manufacturing: Knowledge based systems in computer based manufacturing
    S. Nagarkar

  • Open systems architecture for CIM
    P.J. Russell

  • MAES - An expert system applied to the planning of material supply in computer manufacturing
    D. Saxl, R. Philips and B. Rudd

  • JIT and IT
    R. Westbrook

  • Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP): Experience at Dowty Fuel Systems
    G. Jackson

  • Use of integrated electronic mail within databases to control processes
    D.A. Pass

  • Value engineering - a tool for product cost reduction
    S. Lynn

  • Design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. ASP: Artwork specifications in Prolog
    E. F. Hill

  • Elastomer technology for probing high density printed circuit boards
    C.B. Calam

  • The effects of back driving surface mounted digital integrate circuits
    C.J. Sherrat and R. Tomlinson

  • Reliability of surface mounted component soldered joints produced by vapour phase infrared soldering techniques
    H.C. Harman and C.G. Tanner

  • Materials science supporting services: Materials evaluation
    S.R. Billington

  • Technology and human factors in industry: On the human side of technology
    T.A. Kochan


  • Tools, Methods and Theories: a personal view of progress towards Systems Engineering
    David E. Talbot

  • Systems Integration
    Roger Lucas

  • An architectural framework for systems
    P. Henderson and B. Warboys

  • Twenty Years with Support Environments
    Brian Warboys and Philip Veasey

  • An Introduction to the IPSE 2.5 Project
    R.A. Snowdon

  • The case for Case
    Fred Russell

  • The UK Inland Revenue operational systems
    E. Wilson

  • La Solution ICL chez Carrefour a Orleans
    Y. Pisigot

  • A Formally Specified In-Store System for the Retail Sector
    Val Jones

  • ... towards a Geographic Information System
    J.M.P. Quinn

  • “Ingres Physical Design Adviser”: a prototype system for advising on the physical design of an Ingres relational database
    Michael Gunner

  • KANT — a Knowledge Analysis Tool
    Graham E. Storrs and Chris. P. Burton

  • Pure logic language
    Edward Bahh

  • The ‘Design to Product’ Alvey Demonstrator
    Dr. L.D. Burrow


  • Time to Market in new product development
    Professor S.C. Wheelwright

  • Time to Market in manufacturing
    David Saxl
  • The VME High Security Option
    Tom Parker

  • Security aspects of the fundamental association model
    Heather Alexander and David McVittie

  • An introduction to public key systems and digital signatures
    Jim Press

  • Security classes and access rights in a distributed system
    R.W. Jones
  • Building a marketeer’s workbench: an expert system applied to the marketing planning process
    Stephen Aitken and Harry Bintley

  • The Knowledge Crunching Machine at ECRC: a joint R&D project of a high speed Prolog system
    H. Benker et al.
  • Aspects of protection on the Flagship machine: binding, context and environment
    S. Holdsworth, J.A. Keane and K.R. Mayes
  • ICL Company Research and Development. Part 3: The New Range and other developments
    Martin Campbell-Kelly