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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 5

ICL technical journals


  • ICL Company research and development, 1904-1959
    M. Campbell-Kelly

  • Innovation in computational architecture and design
    M.D. Godfrey

  • REMIT: a natural language paraphraser for relational query expressions
    B.G.T. Lowden and A.N. de Roeck

  • Natural language database enquiry
    V. West

  • The me too method of software design
    P. Henderson and C. Minkowitz

  • Formal specification - a simple example
    D.A. Duce and E.V.C. Fielding

  • The effects of inspections on software quality and productivity
    B.A. Kitchenham, A.P. Kitchenham and J.P. Fellows

  • Recent developments in image data compression for digital facsimile
    M.J.J. Holt and C. Xydeas

  • Message structure as a determinant of message processing system structure
    D.J. Ackerman

  • Suggested extension of ICL DAP parallelism
    R.M.R. Page and E. Baddiley


  • The Management Into the 1990s Research Program
    M.S. Scott Morton

  • Managing strategic ideas: the role of the computer
    C. Eden

  • A study of interactive computing at top management levels
    C.J. Martin

  • A management support environment
    N.C. Austin

  • Managing change and gaining corporate commitment
    P. Hall

  • An approach to information technology planning
    S.J. Pollard and C.R. Crawford

  • Preparing the organisation for IPSE
    P.W. Veasey and S.J. Pollard

  • Global Language for Distributed Data Integration
    P.M. Stocker

  • The design of distributed secure logical machines
    R.W. Jones

  • Mathematical logic in the large practical world
    E. Babb

  • The ICL DRS 300 management graphics system
    R.J. Bunyan

  • Performance of OSLAN local area network
    A. Maynard-Smith

  • Experience with programming parallel signal-processing algorithms in Fortran 8X
    A. Wilson


  • What is Fifth Generaton? - the scope of the ICL programme
    B. J. Proctor and C.J. Skelton

  • The Alvey DHSS Large Demonstrator Project
    E.C.P. Portman

  • PARAMEDICL: a computer-aided medical diagnosis system for parallel architectures
    M.G. Cutcher and M.J. Rigg

  • S39XC-a configurer for Series 39 mainframe systems
    C. W. Bartlett

  • The application of knowledge based systems to computer capacity management
    M. Small

  • On knowledge bases at ECRC
    J.M. Nicolas

  • Logic languages and relational databases: the design and implementation of Educe
    J. Bocca

  • The semantic aspects of MMI
    J.M. Pratt

  • Language overview
    E. Babb

  • PISA-a Persistent Information Space Architecture
    M.P. Atkinson, R. Morrison and G. Pratten

  • Software development using functional programming languages
    J. Darlington

  • Dactl: a computational model and compiler target language based on graph reduction
    J.R.W. Glauert, J.R. Kennaway and M.R. Sleep

  • Designing system software for parallel declarative systems
    P. Broughton, C.M. Thomson, S.R. Leunig and S. Prior

  • Flagship computational models and machine architecture
    I. Watson, J. Sargeant, P. Watson and V. Woods

  • Flagship hardware and implementation
    P. Townsend

  • GRIP: A parallel graph reduction machine
    S.L Peyton-Jones, C. Clack and J. Salkild


  • Open Distributed Processing
    J.B. Brenner

  • The Advanced Network Systems Architecture Project
    A. Herbert

  • Community management for the ICL networked production line
    A.R. Fuller

  • The X/OPEN Group and the Common Applications Environment
    C.B. Taylor

  • Security in distributed information systems: needs, problems and solutions
    C. W. Blatchford

  • Cryptographic file storage
    D. King

  • Standards and office information
    G. Ringland

  • Introducing ODA
    I. Campbell-Grant

  • The Technical and Office Protocols-TOP
    P.J. Robinson

  • X.400 - international information distribution
    D.M. Elliott

  • A general purpose natural language interface: design and application as a database front end
    B.G.T. Lowden, A.N. De Roeck, D.J. Phipps and R. Turner

  • DAP-Ada: Ada facilities for SIMD architectures
    L.M. Delves and M. McCrann

  • Quick language implementation
    H. Gardiner, R.W. Lyttle, P. Milligan and R.H. Perrott