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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 4

ICL technical journals


  • The ICL University Research Council
    P.D. Hall

  • The Atlas 10 computer
    T.L. Faulkner and C.J. Pavelin

  • Towards better specifications
    K.J. Turner

  • Solution of the global element equations on the ICL DAP
    A. McKerrell and L.M. Delves

  • Quality model of system design and integration
    T.L. Faulkner and M. Small

  • Software cost models
    B.A. Kitchenham and N.R. Taylor

  • Program history records: a system of software data collection and analysis
    B.A. Kitchenham


  • Modelling a multiprocessor designed for telecommunication systems control
    R.H. Thompson

  • Tracking of LSI chips and printed circuit boards using the ICL Distributed Array Processor
    D.J. Hunt

  • Sorting on DAP
    P.M. Flanders and S.F. Reddaway

  • User functions for the generation and distribution of encipherment keys
    R. W. Jones

  • Analysis of software failure data (1): adaptation of the Littlewood stochastic reliability growth model for coarse data
    P. Mellor

  • Towards a formal specification of the ICL Data Dictionary
    B. Sufrin


  • Overview of the ICL Series 39 Level 30 system
    C.J. Skelton

  • VME nodal architecture: a model for the realisation of a distributed system concept
    B.C. Warboys

  • Processing node of the ICL Series 39 Level 30 system
    D.W. Ashcroft

  • Input/output controller and local area networks of the ICL Series 39 Level 30 system
    P. Broughton

  • The store of the ICL Series 39 Level 30 system
    P. Broughton

  • The high-speed peripheral controller for the Series 39 system
    J.A. Maddison

  • Development of 8000-gate CMOS gate arrays for the ICL Level 30 system
    Y. Suehiro, N. Matsumura, Y. Sugiura, M. Yamamoto and R. Hoshikawa

  • Development route for the C8K 8000-gate CMOS array
    R.J. Metcalfe and R.E. Thomas

  • Design automation tools used in the development of the ICL Series 39 Level 30 system
    M. Hewson and H.C. Hu

  • Design and manufacture of the cabinet for the ICL Series 39 Level 30 system
    S.H. Martin

  • Manufacturing the Level 30 system. I Mercury: an advanced production line
    R.K. Shore

  • Manufacturing the Level 30 system. II Merlin: an advanced printed circuit board manufacturing system
    M. Shubrook

  • Manufacturing the Level 30 system. Ill The test system
    B. Rollins and J.G. Cullen

  • Patent applications arising out of the Level 30 project


  • History of the ICL content-addressable file store (CAFS)
    J.W.S. Carmichael

  • History of the CAFS relational software
    A.T.F. Hutt

  • The CAFS system today and tomorrow
    G.McC. Haworth

  • Development of the CAFS-ISP controller product for Series 29 and 39 systems
    N. Macphail

  • CAFS-ISP: issues for the application designer
    R.M. Tagg

  • Using secondary indexes for large CAFS databases
    P.R. Wiles

  • Creating an end-user CAFS service
    C.E.H. Corbin

  • Textmaster - a document-retrieval system using CAFS- ISP
    M.H. Kay

  • CAFS and text: the view from academia
    L. Burnard

  • Secrets of the sky: the IRAS data at Queen Mary College
    D. Walker

  • CAFS file-correlation unit
    E. Babb

  • Patents relating to the ICL content-addressable file store CAFS