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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 3

ICL technical journals


  • Information Technology Year 1982
    Dennis J. Blackwell

  • Software of the ICL System 25
    M.A. Cave

  • Security in a large general-purpose operating system: ICL’s approach in VME/2900
    T.A. Parker

  • Systems evolution dynamics of VME/B
    B.A. Kitchenham

  • Software aspects of the Exeter Community Health Services Computer Project
    The Exeter Project Team edited by D.J. Clarke and J. Sparrow

  • Associative data management system
    L. E. Crockford

  • Evaluating manufacturing testing strategies
    M. Small and D. Murray


  • The advance of Information Technology
    J.M.M. Pinkerton

  • Computing for the needs of development in the smallholder sector
    J.M. Tottle

  • The PERQ workstation and the distributed computing environment
    J.M. Loveluck

  • Some techniques for handling encipherment keys
    R.W. Jones

  • The use of COBOL for scientific data processing
    Tim Harle and Richard Carpenter

  • Recognition of hand-written characters using the DAP
    Josef Pecht and Isa Ramm

  • Hardware design faults: A classification and some measurements
    T.L. Faulkner, C.W. Bartlett and M. Small


  • IPA networking architecture
    J.B. Brenner

  • IPA data interchange and networking facilities
    R.V.S. Lloyd

  • The IPA telecommunications function
    Kenneth J. Turner

  • IPA community management
    S.T.F. Goss

  • MACROLAN: A high-performance network
    R.W. Stevens

  • Specification in CSP language of the ECMA-72 Class 4 transport protocol
    A.S. Mapstone

  • Evolution of switched telecommunication networks
    C.J. Hughes

  • DAP in action
    J. Howlett, D. Parkinson and J. Sylwestrowicz
  • Expert system in heavy industry: an application of ICLX in a British Steel Corporation works
    Bruce Hakami and John Newborn

  • Dragon: the development of an expert sizing system
    M.J.R. Keen

  • The logic language PROLOG-M in database technology and intelligent knowledge-based systems
    E. Babb

  • QPROC: a natural language database enquiry system implemented in PROLOG
    M.G. Wallace and V. West

  • Modelling software support
    P. Mellor