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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 2

ICL technical journals


  • Security and privacy of data held in computers
    J.M.M. Pinkerton

  • CADES - software engineering in practice
    R.W. McGuffin, A.E. Elliston, B.R. Tranter and P.N. Westmacott

  • ME29 Initial program load - an exercise in defensive programming
    R. Lakin

  • Project Little - an experimental ultra reliable system
    J.B. Brenner, C.P. Burton, A.D. Kitto and E.C.P. Portman

  • Flow of instructions through a pipelined processor
    W.F. Wood

  • Towards an 'expert' diagnostic system
    T.R. Addis

  • Using Open System Interconnection standards
    John Brenner


  • The ICL information processing architecture IPA
    J. Kemp and R. Reynolds

  • VME/B a model for the realisation of a total system concept
    B.C. Warboys

  • Birds, Bs and CRTs
    I.D. MacArthur

  • Solution of elliptic partial differential equations on the ICL Distributed Array Processor
    S.J. Webb

  • Data routing and transpositions in processor arrays
    C.R. Jesshope

  • A Bayesian approach to test modelling
    M. Small and C.W. Bartlett


  • A dynamic database for econometric modelling
    T.J. Walters

  • Personnel on CAFS: a case study
    J.W.S. Carmichael

  • Giving the computer a voice
    M.J. Underwood

  • Data integrity and the implications for back-up
    K.H. Macdonald

  • Applications of the ICL Distributed Array Processor in econometric computations
    J.D. Sylwestrowicz

  • A high level logic design system
    M.J.Y. Williams and R.W. McGuffin

  • Measures of programming complexity
    Barbara A. Kitchenham
  • Architecture of the ICL System 25
    A. Walton

  • Designing for the X.25 telecommunications standard
    K.J. Turner

  • Viewdata and the ICL Bulletin System
    D.R. Olivey and R. Sugden

  • Development philosophy and fundamental processing concepts of the ICL Rapid Application Development System RADS
    A.P.G. Brown, H.G. Cosh and DJ.L. Gradwell

  • A moving-mesh plasma equilibrium problem on the ICL Distributed Array Processor
    P. Kirby