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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 13

ICL technical journals


  • An Architecture for Commercial On-line Internet Services
    Nigel Dyer  

  • The Enterprise Datacentre - ICL's "Millennium" Programme 
    B.J. Proctor  

  • Trimetra DY and the Emulation of OpenVME on Intel Hardware  
    Andrew Brightwell 

  • Trimetra UNS 
    C.J. Martin and C.P. Stewart 

  • Trimetra Xtraserver 
    David Messham 

  • Millennium Data Access 
    Richard Day


  • Project THOR
    Derek Ashcroft  

  • Monterey: A Web Content Production System 
    John Edwards and Hugh Steele  

  • Cochise-2: An Integration Solution Kit for TPMS Applications  
    Michael Royster 

  • Engineering an Knowledge Utility: The National Grid for Learning 
    Chris Yapp 

  • System Management in ICL's Millennium Programme 
    Margaret Leigh 

  • "Baby's" Legacy - The Early Manchester Mainframes 
    Chris Burton