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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 12

ICL technical journals


  • Java - An Overview
    Nic Holt  

  • Mobile Agents - The new paradigm in computing 
    L.L. Thomsen and B. Thomsen  

  • The SY Node Design  
    G. Allt, P. DeSylla, M. Duxbury, K. Hughes, K. Lo, J. Lysons and P.V. Rose 

  • Discovering associations in retail transactions using Neural Networks
    O.V.D Evans 

  • Methods for Developing Manufacturing Systems Architectures
    S. Murgatroyd and R. Smethurst 

  • Demystifying Constraint Logic Programming 
    O.V.D. Evans 

  • Constraint Logic Programming 
    M. Wallace 

  • ECLiPSe - A Platform for Constraint Programming
    M. Wallace, S, Novello and J. Schimpf


  • Workflow - A Model for Integration
    David Hollingsworth  

  • SuperVISE - System Specification and Design Methodology
    S. Hodgeson and M.M.K. Hashmi  

  • Process Modelling using the World Wide Web - ProcessWise Communicator
    Peter Davies 

  • Mobile Applications for Ubiquitos Environments 
    Jean Bacon and David Halls 

  • Middleware Support for Mobile Multimedia Applications 
    John Bates, David Halls and Jean Bacon 

  • INDEPOL Clients - A 'facelift' for mature software 
    S.B. Southerden 

  • Using the ECLiPSe Interval Domain Library in CAD
    T.M. Yakhno, V.Z. Zilberfaine and E.S. Petrov 

  • Conference on Teaching of Computer Science - A Personal Review 
    Michael H. Kay