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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 11

ICL technical journals


  • The Internet and how it is used 
    Matthew Jeoffroy  

  • An Architecture for a Business Data Warehouse 
    M.H. Derbyshire  

  • Virtual Reality as an Aid to Data Visualization  
    Doug Urquhart 

  • Re-engineering the Hardware of CAFS 
    Richard Illman 

  • An Innovative Solution for the Interconnection of Future Component Packaging 
    Michael Hendricksen, Steve Hodgkinson, Neil Taylor and Bob Trussell 

  • Development of Practical Verification Tools
    D.J. King and R.D. Arthan 

  • Coupling ORACLE with ECLiPSe
    S.K. Das and J. Dicker 

  • Integrating the Object Database System ODB-II with Object Request Brokers 
    Cormac McKenna 

  • SAMSON and the Management of SESAME 
    Barry A Byrne


  • The Year 2000 Problem
    Janet Pavelin  

  • Working with Users to Generate Organisational Requirements: The ORDIT Methodology 
    Ken Eason, Susan Harker and Wendy Olphert  

  • Network computing with remote Windows  
    J.B. Brenner 

  • Neural Networks 
    C.J. Hinde, G.P. Fletcher, A.A. West and D.J. Williams 

  • Short-term currency forecasting using Neural networks
    O.V.D Evans

  • HElping Retailers Generate Customer Relationships
    Uri Baran 

  • The Systems Engineering Excellence Model 
    Brian Chatters 

  • Cochise: a World Wide Web interface to TPMS applications
    Alan Beale