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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 10

ICL technical journals


  • Object Databases and their role in MM Systems
    M.H. Kay & Y. Izumida

  • Project Desktop
    I. Campbell-Grant

  • Multimedia Information used in learning organisations  
    J.R. Collins & J.M. Pratt 

  • The Software Paradigm 
    B.C. Warboys 

  • Single sign-on. What is it? What are the requirements? 
    T.A. Parker 

  • Why is is difficult to produce safety critical software? 
    B.A. Wichmann 

  • Empirical performance study of the Ingres Search Accelerator for a large database 
    S.S. Anand, D.A. Bell, J.G, Hughes 

  • RAID
    A.S. Hilditch 

  • Version and Configuration Management in Complex Systems 
    M.J. Blin, J. Lisicki, I.G. Puddy 


  • The Architecture of the ICL GOLDRUSH MegaSERVER 
    Paul Watson and George Catlow  

  • The Hardware Architecture of the ICL GOLDRUSH MegaSERVER 
    Paul Watson and Ted Robinson  

  • CAL in Higher Education - Potential and Pitfalls
    P.H. Ford and J.E. Graves 

  • The UK Technology Foresight Programme 
    Marion J. Dearlove 

  • Making the Internet Safe for Business
    P.V. McMahon 

  • Developing Financial Service Kiosks 
    Mike Shaw 

  • High Availability Manager
    D. Stewart 

  • The Virgin Global Challenger 
    Simon Forse 

  • Design of the Format for EDI Messages Using Object-Oriented Techniques 
    Michael chua 

  • New Aspects of Research on Displays 
    Bo N. Shenkman and Bo Persson