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ICL Technical Journals - Volume 1

ICL technical journals


  • The origins of the 2900 series
    J.K. Buckle

  • Sizing computer systems and workloads
    Alan Brock

  • Wind of change
    G.G. Scarrott

  • Standards for open-network operation
    Jack Houldsworth

  • Distributed computing in business data processing
    M.V. Wilkes

  • A general model for integrity control
    J.B. Brenner


  • Computers in support of agriculture in developing countries
    G.P. Tottle

  • Software and algorithms for the Distributed-Array Processor
    R.W. Gostick

  • Hardware monitoring on the 2900 range
    A.J. Boswell and M.W. Brogan

  • Network models of system performance
    C.M. Berners-Lee

  • Advanced technology in printing: the laser printer
    A.J. Keen

  • The new frontier: three essays on job control
    D.W. Barron


  • Meteosat 1: Europe's first meteorological satellite
    D. Ainsworth

  • An analysis of checkpointing
    A. Brock

  • Statistical and related systems
    B.E. Cooper

  • Structured programming techniques in interrup-driven routines
    P.F. Palmer

  • The content addressable file store - CAFS
    V.A.J. Maller

  • Computing in the humanities
    S. Hockey

  • Erratum

  • The data dictionary system in analysis and design
    T.J. Bourne