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The Architecture of Open VME - Nic Holt (1994)

ICL technical journals

VME was the original operating system developed in tandem with the ICL Series 2900 mainframe and which evolved into OpenVME. This book describes the OpenVME architecture in detail; the benefits that OpenVME brings to corporate systems, Client-server and distributed systems; and how OpenVME is able evolve to match the trends in open corporate systems.

For a current assessment of the VME and the Series 2900 see these Wikipedia entries ICL 2900Open a new window and VMEOpen a new window.


  • Aims of the Architecture
  • The OpenVME System Architecture
  • The Fundamental Architecture of OpenVME
  • The Structure of OpenVME
  • Application Environments
  • Transaction Management
  • Information Management
  • Networking Services
  • Distributed Application Services
  • Application Development
  • User Access & User Interface
  • System Management
  • Platforms
  • Support for Corporate Qualities