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Developing our People

Fujitsu's passion for development excellence has resulted in us being awarded Champion IIP status. This is a coveted award that puts Fujitsu in the top 1% of companies who adhere to this standard. 

Not only are we one of the 33 organisations out of over 37,000 registered members with this status but we are also the largest IT services employer to accomplish this. 

Below are some of the initiatives that we have in place to help us create our high performance culture.

Welcome on Board
Welcoming people into a business needs to start before they join and continue through the first few weeks which are key. Joining a new business can be quite daunting. People are used to certain ways of doing things, they know who to turn to and when. Then they find themselves in a new environment with new systems, processes and people.

At Fujitsu we recognise this and have put together a structured on boarding process which is tailored to individual needs. We want to make the transition as easy as possible, which gives each new joiner every opportunity to settle into their new role and feel part of the Fujitsu family.
For more information visit our welcome on board page.

Personal Development Plan
Each employee is encouraged to develop a PDP in conjunction with their Manager. Its principle focus is to provide a structured forum to help ensure an individual realises their potential through company supported personal development plan.

People Development Portal
Our Learning and Development Portal is a “one-stop” shop designed to support an individuals development needs. It provides access to information, tools and resources to support you in developing your career within Fujitsu including all the training programmes that are available to you. It is dedicated to helping our employees prepare for their long and short term career goals. We recognise that by actively supporting the development of careers, we are helping to provide for our peoples' futures and also ensuring we have the right skills to meet our business goals in the future.

Career Mapping Tool
Fujitsu have developed an on-line career mapping tool that guides our employees as they plan their next career moves. It contains all the information needed to build a career map. Our people can see all of the potential opportunities open to them as well as being able to identify any skills gap which they need to bridge in order to progress within Fujitsu and importantly how they go about aligning this. In turn this tool is complemented by a sophisticated internal vacancy site which allows individuals to identify and apply for new opportunities across the company.