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Areas of the Business

Application Services

These are the areas of our business that you could work in:

Application Services

Application Services provide a total application lifecycle service managing delivery against a customer’s time, cost and technology requirements. This lifecycle service includes initial requirements capture, through application design, development and validation and then the ongoing provision of the application support service to the end user.

Fujitsu provide application services that span the design, development and support of highly business critical and secure applications enabling many European businesses to function. Fujitsu are also particularly good in outsourcing application services and our related staff retention rate is high within the industry as a whole.

Design & Development

Design and Development takes the leading role in improving the function, resilience and efficiency of our IT infrastructure solutions by developing and implementing shared managed IT services and championing the adoption of those services for customer solutions. It will reduce design, build and operational costs by promoting standardisation through the service portfolio and the measurement and governance of design reuse. The unit will ensure that its service offerings and products are compatible with Fujitsu’s global strategies and competitive in the marketplace by exploiting the industry-leading skills and knowledge of its technical community and strategic supplier partnerships. The continual development of that technical community’s skills and knowledge through the creation and maintenance of subject-matter oriented technical practices is one of Design and Development’s foremost responsibilities.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services provide a fully outsourced IT operational engineering service designed to meet the needs of diverse organisations, covering both hardware and Software, frequently located on multiple sites and often requiring security clearance. We have a diverse operational engineering workforce consisting of; onsite, mobile, high end systems, Project Services, Diagnosticians/Technical Support Services, Resource Scheduling Desk for our engineers, Service Transition and a New Business Team for any new breakfix clients. 

Networks & Data Centres

IS Data Centres provides state of the art, secure, highly resilient and available Data Centres expertly managed to meet the business needs of our customers 365/24/7. Our passion is to be easy to do business with and to make our customers successful

Programme & Project Management

P&PM services will encompass a wide range of different programme/project types and a comprehensive range of management and support functions. Project and Programme Management enables clients to realise their business goals by ensuring that Fujitsu's commitments are delivered to time, cost and quality. Our professional Programme and Project Managers work with the stakeholders to realise their visions and ensure that the benefits they are seeking to achieve are realised. Using Fujitsu's Best Practise experience combined with industry standard methods our collective knowledge and experience is used to benefit our customers and deliver quicker, with greater efficiency and reduced risks.

Our people are specialists in IT services, in a wide variety of market places and geographies and are supported by a set of specialist skills that are well versed in the Project environment. We actively take on and manage the delivery risk allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business.

Our Project and Programme Managers partner with our customers to initiate, plan, manage, control and ultimately deliver projects and programmes. P&PM Project Professionals and Operation Managers support the Project and Programme management function with timely and reliable information & decision support tools to enable both Fujitsu and our customer to achieve our contracted outcomes.

Retail Products Group

The Retail Products Group brings together all the retail hardware, software and service offerings together under one ownership, along with Support and Product Marketing. Within Retail Products Group are subject matter experts with a wealth of practical experience in the full life cycle management of retail IT products including their support, marketing and as appropriate partner management.

Our priority and focus is to work closely with the UK and European Retail sales teams and Core Division in general, to create and manage a cost effective portfolio of products appropriate to our markets. With close contact with other Fujitsu groups in America and Japan, we also provide access to an innovative portfolio of products along with the ability to help facilitate global deployments.

Service Desks

Service Desks provide a single point of contact for customers with the prime purpose of removing demand and optimising their experience of all other contacts. Service Desks are the interface between customers’ users and Fujitsu and as such have a ‘window on both worlds’ so are able to gather valuable information and insight about our customers’ businesses and how well we are responding. Service Desks will use this insight to act as a catalyst for change and continuous improvement within Fujitsu to optimise customer value delivery.

Sourcing & Supply Services

SSS brings together Fujitsu’s Sourcing and Supply Services capabilities. We deliver a best practice approach to procurement and supply whilst enabling the customer to minimise costs Supply Services is our core capability for fulfilling you and your customer's demand for IT products. Sourcing manages Fujitsu's major suppliers to ensure impeccable service delivery and competitive advantage across all business areas and to help to win bids by providing innovative, responsive and competitive Third Party input. 

System Operations

System Operations manage the infrastructure platforms that under-pin Fujitsu’s to its customers. We deliver high availability and competitive costs by utilising Lean methods to continuously improve working processes and using them consistently across our teams. Customers trust us to manage the business critical servers at the heart of their operations 24 hours-a-day with highly skilled teams who understand how their infrastructure underpins their business. We deliver remote server management from large scale enterprise systems to hundreds of small file servers, keeping business critical data secure. Our major technology skills cover Microsoft based solutions, UNIX systems and Database administration exploiting Enterprise Management systems to maintain optimum performance and availability. Our approach is to focus technology skills in a number of Delivery Centres which gives optimum flexibility of staff whilst developing deeper technical competencies and utilising a Shared Delivery model.