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Marine Institute: Web Portal with Microsoft CMS

A secure web portal solution

Microsoft CMS and SQL Server 2000

Photograph of a fishing boat at sea
Fujitsu designed the appropriate systems architecture and then developed and deployed the web applications using Microsoft Content Management Server (MSCMS) as the content management solution. 

The key benefits to The Marine Institute gained from the Fujitsu approach to the MSCMS implementation:
  • The new web portal will serve as the central access point for several new Marine Data Service applications such as the Survey Data Management System (SDMS – also developed by Fujitsu) and the Harmful Algal Blooms System (HABS). This will allow for better and more accurate reporting and a central repository for critical information which is easily accessible.
  • The new content management system allows business users within the Institute to directly contribute content through a controlled workflow process. This will improve the quality of the data and encourage business users to contribute.
  • The solution, based on MS CMS and MS SQL Server 2000, is an ideal fit with the Institute's existing technology platforms. This allowed for a cost effective implementation plan and minimised the disruption to Marine Institute staff during implementation.

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