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Fujitsu's Tax Policy in the UK

Fujitsu’s activities in the UK generate considerable tax revenue for the Exchequer. In 2011/12 Fujitsu directly contributed a total of £397m, more than 21% of revenue. Of this, £68m were receipts it paid itself through corporation taxes, business rates, employers NI contributions, etc. It also collected a total of £329m in taxes on behalf of HM Treasury through VAT payments and employment taxes. The company’s corporation tax payments in recent years continue to be impacted by the significant cash contributions that it has continued to make to reduce the funding deficits in a number of its defined-benefit pension plans.

The total contribution to the Exchequer over the past three years is in excess of £1.1bn.

Fujitsu’s UK business does not engage in the aggressive tax planning or offshore tax structures which have been the recent focus of attention in the media and by the Public Accounts Committee. HMRC has recently renewed Fujitsu’s ‘low-risk’ tax status in the UK.


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