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All Fujitsu employees throughout the world are governed by the Fujitsu Way Code of Conduct (576 KB/A4, 21 pages). This sets out the principles and values of the Fujitsu Group, and the Global Business Standards that every employee must understand and apply. The standards are designed to ensure that all employees can prevent breaches of the law, maintain our high standards of business conduct and protect Fujitsu’s reputation.

Governance Structure – Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Responsibility for Fujitsu’s Responsible Business Programme is held by Neil Meddick, Vice President Business Delivery, on behalf of Head of UK &Ireland, and Duncan Tait, Head of EMEIA. This year, a Responsible Business Programme has been rolled our across EMEIA. Within EMEIA, our Responsible Business strategy covers five key areas. These are our pillars of Responsible Business: Environment, Community Involvement and Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Wellbeing, and Operating Practices.Gavin Bounds, EMEIA COO, chairs the EMEIA Responsible Business Board, and Neil Meddick, the UK Responsible Business Board. These direct our programmes, oversee implementation and review performance against targets. Membership of the UK & Ireland Responsible Business Board includes all of our Executive Leadership Team, senior members of the Responsible Business team and additional stakeholders. We also have a permanent external advisor who sits on the Board, Baroness Sally Greengross OBE. The Board is committed to continuously developing our understanding of issues and regularly invites external speakers.

Responsibility does not end with the CSR Board

Fujitsu’s engagement with CSR goes well beyond the CSR Board. We believe Fujitsu must be a responsible business throughout the organisation. We have therefore established mandatory training for a number of topics linked to CSR including the Fujitsu Way, Environment and Business Compliance. We are establishing strong CSR networks including Green Teams, Fujitsu Ambassadors, CSR Champions, Charity Partner Champions and various talent groups. In addition, we have set CSR objectives for senior managers as well as those with direct responsibility for CSR areas.

Master Policies

We have a range of Master Policies that state the principles governing how Fujitsu UK & Ireland conducts business. These are in the public domain and can be viewed on the Master Polices section of this site.

What we report on

Our CSR reporting aims to ensure that our CSR programmes are driving responsible business practice throughout the organisation. Reporting is based on the strategy and action plan for each pillar, which is shaped by the respective teams who regularly engage with both internal and external stakeholders to inform decision making.

Fujitsu maintains a firm political stance.  As such, we are clear in our position that we do not make political donations to parties or individuals. The Fujitsu Way states that:

“We are not permitted to make direct or indirect political contributions to candidates, office holders or political parties on behalf of Fujitsu unless authorized in writing by a senior level of management.”