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Introduction to this year’s Responsible Business Report

We believe our survival and growth depends on being responsible at all levels – from our strategic direction to the myriad of services we deliver every day to organisations and citizens throughout the UK and Ireland. Over the last year, we’ve invested in training thousands of talented Fujitsu employees and apprentices, and collaborated with hundreds of small businesses across the region. At the same time, we are continuing to enable a low-carbon society through innovative technology solutions developed at our European research laboratories, headquarted in the UK.

At Fujitsu, we have four core objectives:

• Results – Deliver great results in everything we do.
• People – Be a great place to work for everyone we employ.
• Customers – Go beyond customer satisfaction in every relationship.
• Society- Be a responsible, accountable business in society and a good company in every community we serve.

These objectives are interrelated, so we have to pursue all of them together, all the time – not just those that seem most immediately profitable or praiseworthy. We prioritise, but never abandon a good idea or sacrifice an objective for the sake of expedience or temporary gain. So the activities we undertake with and on behalf of our communities have equal standing with our commercial and legal objectives and responsibilities.

Last year, we were delighted to be awarded Responsible Business of the Year by Business in the Community (BITC). This is a fantastic recognition of our progress and determination to continually ask more of ourselves. In July 2016, we hosted the Business in the Community Award Gala at the O2 Centre in London. Together with thousands of guests, we celebrated inspiring organisations and individuals that have truly built shared value into their business models. After a year of convening, collaborating and challenging our peers, especially in the areas of megatrends and future leaders, we look forward to continuing our work to bring others into this movement.

For the third year, we continue to supplement the Group’s Global CSR and Sustainability report by publishing a comprehensive Responsible Business Report. This year, we are following the Global Reporting Index G4 guidance and focusing on our material issues, including data security, employee diversity, engagement and wellbeing, and improving access to digital services. At Fujitsu, we are passionate about technology’s potential in the face of the megatrends that are shaping our planet. Challenges such as resource scarcity, population growth, an aging society and mass urbanisation can be helped by innovative technological solutions that are developed in collaboration with stakeholders, some of which are detailed in this report.

This report demonstrates our ethos in action. It outlines the steps we are taking to ensure we act responsibly in every area of our business, reports on the progress we have made, and documents the positive contributions Fujitsu continues to make.


Climate Change

From an environmental perspective we recognise the big challenges that climate change and energy security pose over the next 20 years and beyond. That is why we have not only set ourselves challenging targets this year to further reduce our own carbon footprint, but also why we are using our ICT services and solutions to support our customers in their endeavours to address their carbon emissions and therefore their contribution to the causes of climate change. In particular the digital revolution is enabling us to offer Cloud Services that encourage the replacement of old power hungry physical servers with a virtualised environment that consumes considerably less energy.

Finite Resources

We are increasingly recognising that in a resource constrained world we need business models that promote the ‘circular economy’. There is a need to close loops and change attitudes towards waste. We need to be creating circular models where design for the environment means that products at the end of their life can be either reused or rapidly disassembled and the components recycled into new products. That is why Fujitsu UK & Ireland is scaling up its computer hardware recovery programmes.

Natural Environment and Biodiversity

As we expand our business footprint in the UK and Ireland, I have asked our facilities management and green teams to look at ways in which we can reduce our impact on the natural environment and promote biodiversity in our land holdings. We recognise that local communities value the green spaces and wild areas around them, particularly in urban environments where such areas provide the green lungs in an otherwise urban jungle. There are significant areas of ornamental landscape around our offices and we are keen to make these suitable havens for local biodiversity and encourage such areas to link up with other green infrastructure so that wildlife can move more freely within the urban environment.

  • For more information please visit the environment section

Our Vision

Our vision at Fujitsu UK & Ireland is to provide an inclusive and healthy environment where everyone can achieve their working aspirations and every care and attention is directed towards employee wellbeing. With this in mind we have launched several initiatives during the year that have achieved their goals. As an example, as many as one in four people can experience some kind of mental health problem such as anxiety or depression in the course of a year. There can be stigma and myths associated with mental health and our first step was to tackle and demystify the subject by getting people to start talking about it openly. We are partnering with the mental health charity MIND to develop our understanding of this important issue and how it impacts employees. MIND experts helped us run a series of workshops to understand more about employee experiences in this area and what the company could do to improve our approach. We expect their report detailing recommendations by the end of the year, but as an immediate output we organised a series of events in October which culminated on World Mental Health day. The feedback received from employees was extremely positive and has helped both to raise awareness of the issues and to promote the company’s interest in improving how we address the needs of employees and their families.

Sustainabiity Report

This year’s Group Sustainability Report (6.14 MB /A4, 52 pages) recognises that the social impacts of increasing urbanisation together with an aging global population are two of the key trends linked to an ever increasing global population. We at Fujitsu UK & Ireland have recognised these trends too, and that is why we chose to focus on social action as one of our main CSR activity areas.

Social exclusion, where the diverse needs of all in the community are not being met, together with a lack of community cohesion can have a pronounced impact on the health and wellbeing of people. Lack of an affordable home, and homelessness, can be one of the key factors involved. When we realised that there was an ongoing housing crisis in the UK, with over two million people affected and homelessness on the increase, we chose Shelter as our charity partner for a two year period. We were keen not only to raise vital funds for Shelter by engaging our employees with an inspiring calendar of fundraising events, but also to help Shelter reach more people than ever before by applying Fujitsu’s digital expertise to the modernisation of the hardware and infrastructure in Shelter’s retail stores. This year has seen some significant progress with several of our initiatives with Shelter. Fujitsu has exceeded the £200,000 two year partnership cash target in only twelve months, enabling Shelter to open six new stores in key areas of need. We have also integrated the partnership in all areas of the business, including skills sharing and supporting Shelter’s employee development through HR initiatives, and promoting Shelter’s campaigns and messaging via Fujitsu’s various internal and external marketing channels.

Fujitsu will continue to work closely with Shelter for the remaining twelve months of our partnership in order to deliver invaluable funds, ICT advice and support, and secure more long-term supporters for the charity by encouraging our employees and partners to volunteer and get involved in partnership activities.