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ISO 26000

The ISO 26000 benchmark standard continues to guide Responsible Business for Fujitsu UK & Ireland

We have continued to model our Responsible Business Programme around the requirements of ISO 26000 using the comprehensive framework to embed socially responsible behaviour across our business.

This year, we repeated a detailed ISO 26000 audit against each of the core subjects areas. Working with external sustainability experts Natural Capital, we looked at our performance in addressing the various clauses and sub-clauses within the standard.  Significant progress has been made across all of the core subjects and the requirements of the standard have enabled us to approach topic areas such as human rights, fair operating practices and community involvement and development in a more systematic and integrated way.

Some of the issues covered within the environment topic area continue to pose longer term challenges (such as sustainable resource use, climate change adaptation and protection of biodiversity) but in turn these have stimulated innovative responses from our employees.  This year has seen a significant response from our people in addressing the challenge of biodiversity protection with a major initiative to promote the conservation of the honeybee.

The business has sought to increase its outreach to a wider set of stakeholders with increased focus group activity involving external stakeholders.  This is an area of activity the business aims to develop further particularly when addressing the ISO 26000 core areas of ‘Consumer Issues’ and ‘Community Involvement and Development’.

Natural Capital

We continue to be impressed with the determination and diligence of Fujitsu UK & Ireland in aligning with the requirements of ISO 26000.  

Some topic areas and issues such as wider stakeholder engagement, sustainable resource use and biodiversity protection have posed challenges but the company has made significant progress in addressing these areas of activity.  This year has also seen the launch of a Community Action Strategy that provides cohesion to how the company addresses the ISO 26000 topic area ‘Community Involvement and Development’.  It will be interesting to see how this plan is progressed and developed further in future years.