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Our Charity Partner


On April 1st 2017, the National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) became Fujitsu Ireland’s official charity partner. NCBI is at the forefront of Irish Charities working for the rising number of people affected by sight loss, its main objective is to ensure that people with sight loss can lead independent lives and fully participate in all aspects of society. Working together, we will jointly achieve our aim of improving the lives of people affected by vision impairment.

The primary objective of this alliance is to enhance and improve NCBI’s capacity to provide crucial services to its recipients; resulting in a sustainable model that will endure long after the duration of our partnership. The company will also engage in a number of volunteering, technical and advocacy initiatives to benefit people using the services of NCBI.
Some of our partnership supporting initiatives include:
  • Sight Loss Awareness Session: NCBI has held interactive sessions for Fujitsu employees designed to increase awareness and understanding of sight loss, employees have been taught sighted guide training and offered the opportunity to experience living with sight loss via simulation. These workshops serve to identify accessibility barriers and potential solutions.
  • CV & Interview Skills WorkshopsFujitsu continues to work with NCBI in the delivery of a series of CV & Interview Skills workshops. These Workshops focus on coaching the service users on tips and tools for creating strong CV’s and Cover Letters. We also cover the interview process itself and how important it is to prepare for the interview. The main aim of the workshops is to build confidence in the service user. Two of the attendees from the Pilot workshop have gone on to gain full time employment – one in Finance and another has started in Administration. We have been told that the workshop absolutely contributed to these success stories.
Highlights from our partnership
To find out more about the charity, visit the NCBI website.