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Corporate Responsibility

“Fujitsu’s long term goal is to develop information technology (IT) that enables a more prosperous society. As the role of IT becomes more pervasive in everyday life, from transport and energy through to healthcare and education, Fujitsu remains committed to making a positive impact to the society in which we operate. This commitment to responsible business, embodied in our ongoing Responsible Business programme, remains at the heart of our long term strategy” Duncan Tait, Head of EMEIA & CSVP, Fujitsu.

Fujitsu continues to win the right way, being awarded Business in the Community’s most prestigious award, Responsible Business of the Year.

“Fujitsu has been on a remarkable journey and achieved a huge amount in a relatively short time. Thanks to visible leadership, responsibility has been placed at the heart of everything the company does and I speak on behalf of all the judges when I say, we were truly impressed and inspired. ” Steve Holliday, CEO, National Grid, Chair of judges for Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards

Please see our Winners Case Study and press release.


Responsibe Business PDF (7.78 MB )

Running any organisation is about taking decisions. Running a smart,sustainable business that respects the communities it serves, and plans to be a part of those communities far into the future, means taking decisions that are inclusive and holistic. At Fujitsu, we work to align and combine our activities so that we can accomplish all our goals, not just those that seem most immediately profitable or praiseworthy.

We have four core objectives:
Results People
Deliver great results in everything we do. Be a great place to work for everyone we employ.
Customers Responsible Business
Go beyond customer satisfaction in every relationship. Be a responsible, accountable business in society and a good company in every community we serve.

"These objectives are interrelated, so we pursue all of them together, all the time – Results and People and Customers and Society. We prioritise, but we never abandon a good idea or sacrifice an objective for the sake of expedience or temporary gain. So the activities we undertake with and on behalf of our communities have equal standing with our commercial and legal objectives and responsibilities. Significant and established businesses like Fujitsu have moral duties. We will never seek to buy these duties off with token gestures, or self-seeking actions disguised as philanthropy. We believe our survival and growth depends on our trustworthiness at all levels - from our strategic direction to the myriad of services we deliver every day to organisations and citizens throughout the UK and Ireland. Our professional focus is on simplifying complexity and enabling people to do their jobs and to realise their goals. We believe that by doing good for our customers, our people and society we will create great results. This is what we mean by being a responsible business."

Duncan Tait, Head of EMEIA & CSVP, Fujitsu.

Our vision for a responsible business is at the heart of the Fujitsu UK & Ireland culture. This is led by our Japanese heritage and our President’s vision:

“Through the constant pursuit of innovation, we aim to contribute to the creation of a networked society that is rewarding and secure, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfils the dreams of people throughout the world”.

Corporate Social Responsibility (Responsible Business) is part of Fujitsu’s DNA, dating back to 1938, when Fujitsu’s first factory was built in Kawasaki, Japan, promoting ‘manufacturing in harmony with nature’. This message of sustainability and responsibility in business has embedded itself throughout the organisation. Last year, Fujitsu in UK & Ireland published Responsible Business metrics to supplement the Group’s global sustainability report. This year we are publishing our second comprehensive Responsible Business e-report to demonstrate our progress against our Responsible Business targets and our commitment to being a responsible business.

Responsible Business Strategy

Our approach focuses on issues local to the UK and Ireland while integrating the visions and values of the Fujitsu Group.

Responsible Business Report

Welcome to the Fujitsu UK & Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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