Fujitsu's activities in
IOWN Global Forum

IOWN: Innovative Optical and Wireless Network

IOWN Global Forum's Vision

IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) Global Forum is a global forum that aims to realize the next generation of photonic networking and computing platform. The platform will achieve lower power consumption by 100x, higher transmission capacity by 125x and lower end-to-end latency by 200x.

Fujitsu's Expectation to IOWN Global Forum

Interview Series
Shingo Mizuno shares Fujitsu Limited’s vision and how it supports IOWN Global Forum

Fujitsu has shared the vision of IOWN and joined the IOWN Global Forum in March 2020. Fujitsu has been actively participating the IOWN Global Forum's activities towards the realization of IOWN. The participation includes the activities in Technical and Use Case Working Groups and several Task Forces.

Besides that, Shingo Mizuno (Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Vice Head of System Platform Business) has been a member of Board of Director of IOWN Global Forum.In April 2023, he won re-election at the 3rd Osaka Annual Member Meeting, which we sponsored. We also sponsored the 6th Munich Member Meeting held in September 2023.

Fujitsu's activities in IOWN Global Forum

Fujitsu's 5 Key Technologies and IOWN Global Forum activities

Fujitsu has set 5 Key Technologies; Computing, Network, AI, Data & Security and Converging Technologies.

IOWN Global Forum has created Technology Working Group and Use Case Working group. The study about the technology and the use cases have been conducted in 12 Task Forces under the Working Groups. Some new Task Forces such as Digital Twin Framework are expanding areas about technology and use cases.

Fujitsu's Key Technologies

Fujitsu's activities in Open APN technical area

IOWN Global Forum creates Task Forces related to Open APN (All Photonic Network) and has been studying the next generation photonic network infrastructure.

Fujitsu has been acting as a coordinator of OAW (Open APN Wavelength Availability) Task Force and promoting the shift from the existing converged system to the new disaggregated system. Fujitsu is leading this industry and driving the open architecture.

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Fujitsu's activities in DCI technical area

IOWN Global Forum created DCI (Data-Centric Infrastructure) Task Force under the Technology Working Group. The DCI Task Force has been studying the next generation computing infrastructure including disaggregated computing technology.

The computing infrastructure hosts various services including network function such as RAN (Radio Access Network) function. IOWN Global Forum also created IMN (IOWN for Mobile Networks) Task Force to study the use of Open APN and DCI.

Fujitsu has been collaborating in research and development to realize a new computing of the architecture that connects various resources with photonic technology.

Fujitsu is contributing the R&D of DCI architecture and its practical application in relation to the new architecture technologies including disaggregated computing.

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