Connecting the world for a sustainable future

Join us at MWC Barcelona 2024 from 26th to 29th February at booth 2G60

We believe that connectivity is the key to powering the collaborations that make essential contributions to solving global environmental issues, developing a digital society, and improving people's well-being.

Experience how Fujitsu is contributing towards making the world more sustainable with industry-leading technologies in AI and networks.

Our innovations help you:

Contribute to your business and ESG goals simultaneously with Fujitsu Uvance

Fujitsu's centralized ESG Management Platform offers a fully integrated function of environmental management, compliance reporting and enterprise level data-integration, enabling you to make data driven business decisions.

Fast track innovation with our cutting-edge AI platform

Fujitsu Uvance is built on cutting-edge AI technologies including the cloud-based AI platform developed by Fujitsu, which is called Fujitsu Kozuchi. Fujitsu Kozuchi enables rapid development, testing, and implementation of AI technologies to produce immediate results and build a sustainable society.

Transform your organization with AI-powered network technologies

In our connectivity zone experience the latest network technology demos, including:

AI-powered Wireless Access Network Solutions

Our network solutions utilize AI technology to optimize network performance and automate operations, enhancing network efficiency and reliability.

O-RAN Compliant, highly efficient and compact 5G Radio Unit

Meet our newest lineup of our O-RAN compliant 5G radio units that contribute to network flexibility and scalability.

Intelligent & Automated Next-Generation Transport

The All Photonic Network (APN) is a next-generation network essential for services that require large-capacity communication, such as AI. Learn more about Fujitsu’s initiatives towards APN, as we strive to meet the evolving needs of the digital age.

Digital Twin Technology for automating and streamlining network operation lifecycle

Digital twin technology replicates physical networks digitally, allowing for network architecture simulations and traffic predictions, helping streamline network operation and management.

6G vision utilizing photonic disaggregated computer solutions and next-generation processor "FUJITSU-MONAKA (code-name)"

Photonic disaggregated computer solutions will enhance network efficiency and flexibility with distributed computing resources. The next-generation processor "FUJITSU-MONAKA (code-name)" will enable high performance and energy efficiency, which are the key elements in realizing 6G.

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This is an opportunity for you to reimagine a new, more connected world for a sustainable future.

Connect with us. Together we make it happen.

Find out more about Fujitsu’s extensive global network capability

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