Delivering AI-powered efficiency and insight to all users

The powerful Sholark Framework from the FUJITSU Data Intelligence Solution Center makes it easier for organizations to accelerate digital transformation. Unlike most types of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Sholark avoids the ‘black box’ paradigm and does not require expert users; any employee can use it to discover links between sources of information that were previously thought to be unrelated. The heightened transparency of information this creates helps accelerate the discovery of previously hidden insights that have the potential to create new disruptive products and services.

Fujitsu Sholark also transforms complex professional working environments, eliminating time-consuming and tedious elements of data entry, increasing efficiency and service and reducing operating costs. Some examples:

  • In the legal profession, Sholark improves the efficiency of the discovery process traditionally undertaken by lawyers, allowing lawyers and paralegals to answer business questions faster. For one Spanish Government Ministry, Sholark has already reduced the time dedicated to classification, search and summarization of documents by 60 percent.
  • In healthcare, Sholark has delivered an 85 percent increase in the accuracy of identifying patients with some mental health risks at a Spanish hospital, performing equally as well as a team of five psychiatrists, each with more than 20 years’ experience.

Sholark bridges the gap between data and the end users

There are exciting business benefits available with AI-driven automation. Sholark leverages AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognize context and make intelligent connections far faster and more effectively than any manual process.

As a powerful assistive tool, Sholark handles queries via a simple, user-friendly, web-based interface, enabling the mainstream use of AI and analytics, and making sure non-technical employees are able to find the answers to complex questions related to their businesses. The Sholark Framework improves efficiency by creating a unified repository of information (drawn from both internal and external sources), allowing users to answer business questions quickly. It also structures the relationship process with clients and simplifies the automation of information management tasks that are repetitive, lengthy and add little value.

AI solutions for complex professional environment

The Fujitsu Sholark Framework has two variant solutions designed to help professional users tackle their particular business challenges: Sholark Legal & Compliance and Sholark Health. Based on data analytics and AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and others, these adapt to the complexity of user environments, guided by the knowledge and experience of experts.

Thanks to its modularity, Sholark can be easily adapted to specific needs of different businesses, data volumes and sources, allowing complex AI systems to be implemented and up and running within months instead of years.

Sholark solutions can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud or on-premises, or a hybrid mix. In addition, Sholark provides smart workflows, standardized for efficient documentation management, that perform as a knowledge platform built on top of multiple data sources.

Fujitsu puts data analytics and AI at the heart of business transformation

Fujitsu helps organizations generate maximum efficiency and ROI by placing data analytics and AI at the heart of business operations.

Fujitsu is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for AI and analytics deployments, combining best-of-breed technologies and deep AI and analytics expertise, backed by acknowledged leadership in data center infrastructure and related services. No other provider offers server, infrastructure, application and data center options in one place, all supported by Fujitsu’s global-scale managed services. Thanks to the ability to access and integrate the very latest technological innovations such as AI and quantum-inspired computing, Fujitsu’s solutions will remain at the very forefront of innovation.

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In the legal profession, Sholark improves the efficiency of the discovery process traditionally undertaken by lawyers by creating a unified repository of internal and external information, allowing legal employees to answer their business questions and structuring customer relations.

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In healthcare, Fujitsu Sholark helps doctors and hospital managers make informed decisions by allowing them to perform advanced analytics over unstructured and structured data sources to answer medical questions.

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