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Lean Onboarding & Supply Chain Finance

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4 Lean onboarding & supply chain finance
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Lean Onboarding Programme

As a result of the commission of our Collaboration Nation research, we found that 40% of the SME businesses surveyed believed that a large organisation such as Fujitsu would not want to collaborate with them due to worries about the restrictive nature of our due diligence processes.

In November 2014 we undertook a full assessment of our processes paying particular attention to the lessons learned from the Collaboration Nation Research. This has resulted in a revised on boarding process which makes it easier for ‘low risk’ SMEs to agree to a Code of Conduct, rather than going through a large amount of red tape, policy and process in order to become an approved Fujitsu supplier.

Supply Chain Finance

Many SME suppliers have highlighted that getting rapid access to their cash is often difficult. Supply Chain Finance is an innovative way of ‘easing the funding squeeze’ for many smaller businesses.

SCF allows suppliers to receive 100 percent of the invoice value, less a small fee. This helps the SME to fund growth, refinance any existing debt, or boost cash flow. As well as these benefits, SCF allows suppliers to unlock their capital in an accelerated fashion. As an organisation, we encourage eligible suppliers to become a part of this scheme.

To find out more about either of these initiatives, please contact Katherine Smith or Joley Gordon via the ‘contact us’ page.

Who we are
Collaboration and SME Charter
Generation Through Innovation
Lean onboarding & supply chain finance
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