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Collaboration Nation & SME Charter

Creating an environment fo growth
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Collaboration & SME Charter
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Creating an environment for growth

Welcome to Fujitsu’s Collaboration Nation research. Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are essential to growth in the UK. According to research from the Confederation of British Industry, 99% of all economic activity in the UK is driven by SMEs and by 2020, medium-sized businesses alone could contribute as much as £20bn - £50bn to the economy.

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Yet as important as SMEs are, they are often seen as the enemy of “big business”.

At Fujitsu, we disagree – we believe that to drive economic growth and provide excellent customer service, large and small businesses must learn to collaborate effectively together for mutual benefit.

We decided to commission this independent research to find out what barriers exist to SMEs and large enterprises working better together – and to help identify ways to improve.

The research conclusions are fascinating; some highlights include:

Tick Box

58% of SMEs believe that large and small suppliers should work together.

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However – on average 6 barriers were cited to effective collaboration, with 99% of SMEs mentioning at least one barrier.

Tick Box 53% of SMEs want to work with larger organisations to better serve their customers.
Tick Box 59% of SMEs say that a collaborative approach is essential for innovation; 62% say the same for economic growth.
Tick Box 71% of SMEs plan to work with large enterprises to win business over the next five years, whilst many believe this will account for a significant proportion of revenue in the next 12 months.


Duncan Tait

Quote  SMEs have much to offer, both in large enterprises and within government – they provide the kind of innovation and agility that can deliver great results for customers. What we have discovered in this research though is that SMEs still face barriers to unlocking their full potential. Fujitsu believes that these barriers can be overcome by government, large enterprises and SMEs working collaboratively together for the long-term benefit of the UK. Our research recommends some clear, practical steps to make this collaboration happen – we hope you find it useful.  Quote

Duncan Tait, Head of EMEIA, Corporate Executive Officer.

We are proud to present the Collaboration Nation report for download, with our full findings - and recommendations on how the barriers to collaboration may be overcome. Collaboration Nation Report

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Who we are
Collaboration and SME Charter
Generation Through Innovation
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