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Fujitsu and SMEs

Fujitsu & SMEs
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Quote Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) provide innovative and agile solutions that deliver great results for our customers and are a substantial and vital part of a healthy UK economy.

However, SMEs often face challenges which for a small organisation with potentially limited resources and reach can be difficult to overcome. Fujitsu believes that collaboration is the key to helping small businesses grow and to support this key principle, we commissioned independent research, resulting in our ‘Collaboration Nation’ report.

The potential barriers to great collaborative relationships and the recommended steps to overcome them identified in the report has driven our underlying strategy and the key principles of Fujitsu’s SME Engagement Programme. This initiative will allow Fujitsu to make close and direct contact with SMEs across the UK & Ireland, ensuring that these key relationships have the focus that they deserve. Quote

Regina Moran, Head of Fujitsu UK & Ireland


Fujitsu’s Small and Medium Enterprise Programme resides within our EMEIA Procurement Function and has two dedicated SME Leads to drive the initiatives. We operate within the boundaries of our governance processes, ensuring our engagement is fair and ethical. The programme has the full support of the Fujitsu’s Regional Leadership Team and EMEIA’s Chief Procurement Officer, Dr Clive Rees.

Fujitsu’s SME Programme is a responsible, unified and focused approach to engaging SMEs. The achievements of the programme so far are:

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Development and launch of Fujitsu’s SME charter, which is a commitment to promoting an SME friendly culture

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Improved access to procurement channels e.g. Connect2FujitsuOpen a new window a single point of entry for SMEs into Fujitsu. Find out more about Connect2FujitsuOpen a new window above.

Tick Box Generation through Innovation: An exciting opportunity for SME businesses to work with Fujitsu on developing new ideas which will change the landscape of the solutions we provide.
Tick Box Supply Chain Finance programme, which provides cost effective cash flow based on Fujitsu’s financial standing.
Tick Box Development of an ‘SME friendly’, lean on boarding process. This new process reduces the amount of red tape required to work with Fujitsu.


Find out more about the individual elements of the SME Programme

Who we are
Collaboration and SME Charter
Generation Through Innovation
Lean onboarding & supply chain finance
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