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Privacy filter

Privacy filters allow you work with peace of mind on public transport or in public places. It prevents a person from viewing data on the display from the right or left side. In fact only the user sitting in front of the display will have a clear view of the contents.

Technical details

Features and functionsKeeps information confidential even in high traffic areas such as trains, airplanes, internet cafés and other public places,Notebook privacy filters keep confidential and private information safe from prying eyes,Passers-by only see a dark screen left and right angle view by 45° each side.,Sizes to fit most of all mobile systems,Notebook filters remain in place when the notebook is closed,Reduces glare by up to 99%,Helps protect LCD screens from scratches and damage,Block up to 99.9% of ELF/VLF E-Field radiation plus reduce static and dust buildup, when properly grounded,All anti-glare filters meet the AOA guidelines for Video Display Terminal (VDT) glare reduction. Reduces reflections when used with the matte side facing you,Individual adhesive strips for frameless systems
Warranty period2 years
Warranty typeBring-In / Send-In Service