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Managed Infrastructure Services

Improve workflows, increase productivity

Is your IT infrastructure as agile as your business needs it to be? Are you spending too much time reacting to problems rather than focusing on the future?
Fujitsu’s Managed Infrastructure Services cut costs and boost efficiency through technological innovation and a focus on high-quality service design.
You decide whether to have Fujitsu’s experts support the management of your IT environment, or delegate responsibility for your IT infrastructure, in full or in part, to Fujitsu. With the global expertise for providing end user services and managing data center environments Fujitsu responds to your individual business needs with the advantages of tailored services which are based on standardized services modules.
Fujitsu supports you in every phase of the IT life cycle – from the analysis and design concept to implementation and ongoing management and support.

Why choose Fujitsu for managed infrastructure services?

  • Fujitsu’s global reach enables us to deliver IT services around the world and is underpinned by one of the largest global IT infrastructures.
  • Global Delivery Centers support our customers in more than 41 languages and with a local presence in 70 countries.
  • We manage infrastructure for customers around the world and provide the assurance that, with Fujitsu, their IT operations can receive the attention to service quality consistency and security they require, where ever they might be located.
  • Our operational delivery processes are ITIL compliant. Our global data centers are designed and operated to Uptime Institute standards (mostly Tier III), with secure operations conform to ISO27001 as well as to various national government standards.
  • Fujitsu’s pedigree and global partnerships ensures that we retain leading edge innovative services to support your organization’s unique and complex IT challenges.

Data Center Services

Many IT organizations face a number of data center challenges: to deliver the right IT service levels to users, provide IT infrastructure quickly to support new business initiatives, reduce operational costs, lower environmental impact and ensure IT compliance with legislation and regulations. These objectives can be hard to achieve without specialist assistance.

Usługi dla użytkowników końcowych End User Services

Aby utrzymać produktywność, pracownicy potrzebują technologii, która umożliwia niezawodne funkcjonowanie niezależnie od czasu i miejsca pracy. Usługi dla użytkowników końcowych firmy Fujitsu zapewniają użytkownikom wszystko, czego oczekują od niezawodnego i sprawnego informatycznego środowiska pracy. Obejmują one realizację, wsparcie, obsługę i wycofywanie urządzeń użytkowników końcowych (komputery, laptopy, tablety, smartfony), platformy poczty e-mail i współpracy oraz usługi druku.

FUJITSU Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Abstract white red and black squares layered over eachother

Fujitsu offers a choice of IaaS platforms: from trusted public cloud, local cloud to private cloud.

Zarządzanie konserwacją Managed Maintenance

W różnorodnych i często skomplikowanych międzynarodowych środowiskach dostawcy sprzętu i oprogramowania muszą ściśle współpracować. Usługa zarządzania konserwacją firmy Fujitsu spełnia ten warunek.

Service Desk Service Desk

Outsourcing your Service Desk to Fujitsu will have a positive and far-reaching impact on user satisfaction and employee productivity. Our Service Desk agents are committed to delivering exemplary service quality for the best possible user experience. They are empowered not just to fix problems, but to identify root causes. This avoids problems recurring and eliminates unnecessary user downtime.