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Offerings for High Availability & Disaster Recovery

In recent years organizations have been regarding an increasing number of workloads as critical to their business operations. Consequently, the demand for improved application and data availability has constantly been on the increase. The competitive advantage for many companies now lies in their IT capabilities, even if their business is not IT-related. Instant access to internal IT resources including the supply chain data, internal databases, ERP, and customer-facing elements, such as web sites and online stores, is now taken for granted. Downtimes are simply not acceptable. The failure of core services results directly in significant revenue losses, reduces customer satisfaction and can even cause a business to stop trading. The appropriate IT high-availability and disaster recovery solutions avoid such risks.

Gotowy do użycia klaster PRIMEFLEX PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box

Gotowy do użycia klaster PRIMEFLEX usprawnia dostępność, wirtualizację serwera lub projekt aplikacji firmy Microsoft.

Zintegrowany system FUJITSU PRIMEFLEX dla Egenera PAN FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN

W ramach rozwiązania PRIMEFLEX dla Egenera PAN firma Fujitsu umożliwia organizacjom przyspieszanie ekspansji biznesowej, eliminowanie złożoności i zmniejszanie ryzyka dzięki możliwości szybszego wdrażania i rozwoju wydajnego rozwiązania infrastruktury IT.