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Transportation IT services

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In the digital age, it is imperative that IT systems remain robust, secure and allow for flexibility.

Fujitsu aims to be a trusted partner in the road and highway sector by providing innovative and reliable transportation IT solutions to deliver greater efficiency. We are at the forefront of digital citizen engagement. Using our IT technology, transport agencies are able to meet the challenges they face to maintain access and administration for road users across the UK.

IT infrastructure for road and highways

Control centres

Our high performance and robust IT infrastructures allow control centres to manage both the rising demand, and the increased level of reliability required of today’s road and highway IT systems.

Data centres

By realigning data centre infrastructures, Fujitsu helps road and highway organisations to reap the benefits of:

  • Maintenance
  • Space and energy cost reductions
  • Improved performance in storage

Hand-held devices

Fujitsu’s portable tablets are giving increased flexibility of work and access to information to employees in the road and highway industry. Our mobile devices are compatible with the most frequently used office applications and are tailored to meet your organisational needs.

Virtualisation services

In the digital age it is imperative that IT systems remain robust, secure and flexible.

Our consolidation and virtualisation services allow oganisations to access the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Automotive IT solutions

Fujitsu is helping automotive vehicles to become more than just a means of transportation.

  • Our innovative car sensors are helping improve vehicle safety and security measures around the world.
  • Fujitsu’s control systems are helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Our car navigation systems are allowing the enjoyment of multimedia content through two-way information transmission and seamless integration.

Whatever the challenge, Fujitsu has an IT solution to help.

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