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IT services & solutions for the maritime industry

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With consecutive year-on-year growth since 1970 and over 80% of the world’s trade volume still transported by sea, the maritime sector remains of crucial international importance.

Imports and exports are on the increase in emerging international markets such as the BRIC nations and LEDCs. This increase has led to forecasts of further expansion of the industry for the foreseeable future.

As organisations seek to expand their remits of business further in the maritime industry, it is crucial that they invest in the right IT solutions and automated systems to enable their continued growth and development.

Fujitsu is helping transform ports across the globe, by using IT solutions to help boost efficiency and reliability.

Watch how Hutchison Ports Australia develop new levels of efficiency through the use of IT automation, transforming how modern docks operate.

Fujitsu port IT services and solutions

Managing port operations

The use of Fujitsu’s IT solutions is helping automate systems, manage day-to-day port operations and trade-related logistics. Our streamlining of supply chains is making operations more manageable and helping enhance trading opportunities and competition internationally.

Regulating vessel safety

Fujitsu continues to help regulate the condition of sea vessels through the use of the Survey Certificate Management System (SCMS). This system provides relevant and up-to-date documentation to surveyors and inspectors enabling them to ensure that ships meet all relevant safety regulations.

Our capabilities across the transport industry are continuing to meet an array of industry challenges head on. By partnering with us your maritime businesses can transform and thrive in the digital age.

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