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Aviation IT solutions

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Airline and airport management requires operational excellence. When this requirement is combined with a duty to provide strong passenger satisfaction, it creates a complex and challenging environment to manage.

Airports and aircraft operators are under constant pressure to provide seamless passenger experiences. Fujitsu has worked with the aviation industry across the globe to develop the solutions that are needed to solve the various challenges the sector faces. Fujitsu’s tailored IT services can help to deliver:

  • Operational excellence
  • Seamless IT integration
  • A greater customer experience

By partnering with Fujitsu, your business can remain customer-focused and operate to your full potential.

Watch how Gatwick Airport is enhancing the passenger experience

Airport IT infrastructure

Our substantial experience working with some of the world’s largest airports have led to the development of high speed, robust and flexible network infrastructures to connect every aspect of life in the airport.

Some of the direct benefits of our IT systems include:

  • Reduced queuing times for passengers
  • Enhanced communication channels

Aviation information management

Reservation, ticketing, boarding and payment data requires secure and robust storage solutions. Fujitsu aim to deliver storage capabilities to enable you to improve reliability and ensure 24 hour operations. For example, Fujitsu’s hand-held, on-board terminal solutions help airlines to reduce risks, including card fraud during in-flight purchasing, whilst keeping sensitive data secure.

IT solutions for increasing operational efficiency

Fujitsu’s hardware, used on the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) project, has helped improve the operational efficiency of personnel in the air and on the ground. We also provide optimal flight management through the use of electronic maps.

Our crew rostering and Business Intelligence Solutions have increased productivity across the industry by improving aviation resource management. Fujitsu’s cockpit mobile systems have helped reduce the volume of paper required in the cockpit to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Fujitsu are dedicated to helping the aviation industry overcome its challenges. Our collaborative and proactive nature to meet your business’s needs enables operators to deliver an ever-improving passenger experience, whilst at the same time keeping daily operations running efficiently.

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