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Understand Your Customers

Understand your customers
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Driving an innovative and personalised customer experience to drive more loyalty and increased revenue

Understanding how your customers like to shop is paramount. Creating that customer experience for repeat purchases whether online or on the high street is becoming more important day by day.

Excellence via which ever channel the customer uses is one way, other ways could include retail and hospitality organisations coming together to create shopping destinations. After all, customers are your greatest asset and getting the best value from them is vital.

We can help you grow the value of customer interactions by understanding their needs and preferences, allowing your employees to understand when to sell and when to give them the time to browse. We can provide a consistent, powerful omni-channel capability which increases your availability, reach and customer knowledge.

Integrated with your core business systems, Fujitsu’s technology means you can confidently cope with anything, anytime, anywhere.

Fujitsu can help to grow your business through:

  • Analysing your customer data
  • Improving customer experience
  • Driving brand loyalty
  • Using social clientelling
  • Using In-store navigation

Retail Engagement Analytics

Retail Engagement Analytics provides retailers with actionable intelligence to help improve customer experience and in-store productivity.

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