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Fujitsu Retail Products

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Retail products and solutions that enable, pace and security

Products are the final piece of the puzzle in the world of Connected Retail and Hospitality. Without the right products you can’t make the steps required to become truly connected to your customers, colleagues and the market.

We know that retailers are currently under a lot of public scrutiny and are have to find new ways of doing more with less, then having to repeat that miracle every day in a constantly changing environment. This is no easy task.

Fujitsu have worked with many of our retail customers to enhance the in-store experience and provide many of the touchpoints for customers including kiosks, tablet devices and mobile devices. We can offer a comprehensive set of products that cover store technology, IT operations, Omni-channel Software and innovative products from our Fujitsu Labs.

Store Technology

All our in-store technology is highly configurable to ensure that you receive the ideal feature/functionality/price fit for your requirements, not just a standard product. We will then offer a number of peripherals designed to provide the best serviceability and manageability. For example, our new compact designed self-checkout, Fujitsu U-Scan Genesis, will offer you flexibility, scalability, reliability, usability.

Store IT Operations

We can offer a truly comprehensive range of retail technology management expertise which will give you a unique competitive advantage. Our ERP service could become a linchpin for your organisation where you could benefit from data centrilisation and remote access, enabling a flexible outlook to your future IT system. With Supply Chain Management services we can help you to match production capabilities with the demands of your customer to enhance the effectiveness of your logistics, information services, sales, manufacturing and marketing. We can also provide Managed Services such as help desk services, implementation services and networking solutions.

Omni-channel Software: The key to our Omni-channel offer is our Market Place Solution. Market Place is an Omni-channel PoS application that allows you to increase revenue while reducing IT costs. Market Place can achieve this by supporting enterprise-wide transaction and order fulfilment to deliver a consistent and seamless buying experience to your customers cross all channels, traditional, online and mobile channels.

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