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Improve Efficiencies

Improve efficiencies
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Boosting productivity and reducing loss

In the ever changing world of Connected Retail we believe efficiency is the connecting piece between customer experience and growth. This is what retailers are always seeking to achieve through savings, productivity or loss reduction. Retailers have to work twice as hard in making sales if their processes are inefficient and security and shrinkage are not under control. Efficient processes not only help the sales cycle but also drive cost out of the business.

At Fujitsu, we believe you can always improve as it’s part of our Japanese heritage. ‘Kaizen’, the Japanese term for ‘improvement’, refers to activities that continuously advance all functions of a business, involving all employees from CEO to entry level workers. By improving standardised activities and processes, kaizen aims to eliminate waste, identical to our Fujitsu offerings.

Technology can transform a retail or hospitality space, making stores and staff more productive. This way everyone benefits from a faster and more efficient service in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fujitsu can help you become more efficient by:

  • Making stores and staff more productive through colleague applications, in-store managed services and back office technology improvements.
  • Improving cash management using our innovative Point of Sale.
  • Reducing shrinkage, waste and loss through security solutions and Dynamic Store Merchandising.
  • Modernising applications to improve user experience and promote efficiency throughout the business.

Workplace Anywhere

From better in-store experience to instant mobile access to reduced shrinkage, wastage and loss the promise of a connected workforce is compelling. With Workplace Anywhere from Fujitsu, retail businesses can harness these trends and meet the challenges that are shaping their sector.

Workplace Anywhere is an innovative, managed solution that enables your staff to work more productively and create a retail environment that fosters customer loyalty. It is the ideal foundation to deliver efficiencies to your business.

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