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Retail IT Services and Solutions

Retail & Hospitality
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Fujitsu world-class retail technology offers competitive advantage

For over 30 years Fujitsu has been a major retail technology and IT services provider. We continually invest in the development of world class products, services and solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. Our offerings include; Omnichannel software, PoS applications, mobile devices, RFID technology, in-store technology such as Fujitsu’s U-Scan Genesis self-service checkouts, managed services and networking solutions.

Our retail and hospitality IT services enable you to take advantage of new opportunities to drive profitable growth, we offer you new ways to:

  • provide your customers with a consistent personalised experience
  • turn valuable customer data into a useable resource to boost business growth
  • increase the effectiveness of your staff
  • increase your productivity and profits
  • eradicate losses
  • reduce your energy costs

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Connected Retail & Hospitality Solutions

The rise of digital technology has led to a new world, one in which everyone and everything is interlinked and connected. Today’s customers have high expectations. They continually demand new products and services, and want a consistent customer experience across every channel and platform.

Implementing our technology and solutions enables you to deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of how, when or where your customers interact with your brand. We provide you with the technology you need to connect activities across all channels, and transform your business to keep pace with rising customer expectations and demands for more connected services.

Delivering a consistent quality customer experience

Where once value and convenience were the most important factors in winning and retaining customer loyalty, now the predominant factor is the quality of the shopping experience you provide.

Digital technology has changed buying behaviour forever. To keep pace with this change you need to be looking for new ways to offer more personalised experiences. With our technology you can unlock the customer data you capture, to better understand your customers and their spending patterns.

To succeed in the challenging retail and hospitality sector, it’s important to find the right technology partner. At Fujitsu we focus our solutions on growing your business, increasing efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Fujitsu retail services rise to the challenge

PoS Component Case Study

  • The Customer: Camelot Global on behalf of the new Irish lottery operator - Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI).
  • The Challenge: To configure and install new lottery terminals in 3,700 outlets to a very tight 15 month deadline and with minimal disruption.
  • The Complexity: The smooth transition from one lottery operator to another by installing new terminals while the old were still in use.
  • The Solution: A seamless migration to a new lottery platform. Our engineering team prepared and installed new terminals at a rate of over 600 sites a week, which ensured PLI incurred no time related financial penalties.
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