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Construction IT for the Built Environment

The Built Environment
IT Security for the Built Environment
IT Transformation for the Built Environment
The Built Environment - Successful projects

Building strong foundations for the landmarks of tomorrow

The built environment (including construction, engineering and facilities management) can be a high pressure and information intensive setting. The efficient co-ordination of real time data, assets and the supply chain is critical to site management, operational effectiveness and profitability.

Technology solutions for the construction industry

Today’s construction companies are turning to new forms of technology to enable them to operate more profitably, and consistently deliver projects on time and to budget.

Fujitsu offers construction companies and projects vital technology which is key to operational effectiveness.

Fujitsu can help to:

  • differentiate through innovation
  • keep projects on track
  • improve operation and optimisation of built assets
  • keep people working safely and effectively at remote sites
  • help with transfer of ownership

Technology for the new engineering world

Fujitsu’s heritage lies in engineering, we understand the challenges of having geographically dispersed workforces in remote locations. We believe technology is an enabler that is at the core of building a connected infrastructure. 

Fujitsu can help to:

  • connect your workforces and assets to enable better decision making 
  • Mobile technology to increase the effectiveness of your employees 
  • Deliver innovative technology solutions to drive operational effectiveness throughout your business 

Driving operational excellence through the connected infrastructure

What does the future of facilities management look like? The digital world is changing business models from the traditional business world. Technology is the enabler to ensure customer satisfaction is maximised, in a world where customer satisfaction is at the heart of every business decision. 

Fujitsu can help:

  • Manage costs efficiently and creating value 
  • Extending the lifecycle of assets and infrastructure 
  • Maintaining high satisfaction amongst your occupants and clients 

A history of delivering successful technology solutions to the construction industry

Fujitsu is a world class technology partner with a proven track record in construction. For over 40 years we have been delivering agile IT services and solutions for industries around the globe.

We have worked on large scale construction projects around the world, including Heathrow’s Terminal 2 and the development of Amsterdam Airport.

Customer success - Heathrow Terminal 2

Fujitsu’s integrated network infrastructure at Terminal 2, now provides the backbone to key systems including building management, airport operation, bag drop and self-check-in.

Read the Heathrow Terminal 2 case studyOpen a new window

Customer success - Amsterdam Airport

Fujitsu’s agile IT infrastructure at Amsterdam airport enables employees to use mobile devices to connect with real time data. The can now work at any time and from anywhere.

Efficient supply chain and asset management

Fujitsu’s IT for construction services allow you to track your assets and manage your supply chain in real time. We enable you to:

  • keep your information systems updated
  • keep your supply chain secure
  • allow the effective deployment of resources
  • reduce down time and service interruptions


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