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Media IT Solutions – Connected Experience

For a Connected Experience
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Fujitsu media technology - understanding your audience

Digital media technology is creating new opportunities to dramatically enhance audience experiences. With customers now choosing how, when and where to consume their media, understanding their needs is paramount.

At Fujitsu we have experience working with UK broadcasters and print media. We implement IT solutions capable of delivering personalised media experiences, to enable you to build brand trust, inspire loyalty and increase revenue.

We offer:

  • expert legacy application knowledge
  • enterprise-scale transformation
  • analytics to understand your customers better
  • dynamic infrastructure to deliver content whenever and wherever your customer chooses
  • a secure, trusted experience

Media data analytics – the customer experience

We offer personalisation through our big data analytics and content delivery service to allow you to better understand your customers’ viewing habits. By analysing customer data, you are enabled to personalise output.

Creating customer experiences for repeat viewing and channel/publication loyalty, is a high priority. Knowing what your customers enjoy, ensures you are fully monetising the experience to earn revenue through targeted advertising or placements. For instance, if someone supports a particular football club, they may be more likely to respond if your advertising is pertinent to the team of their choice.

It is theorised that we could see the end of pay-per-view within the next decade, which means that as a broadcaster you will need to work harder to understand your audience in order to maintain your revenue stream.

With personalised audience data, you are enabled to deliver the right content, formatted for the right device at the right time, for a tailored immersive media experience.

Fujitsu secure thinking – protecting customer data

Understanding what privacy your customers will give up to receive free viewing, can help you establish the security you need to build their trust. Your customers need to know that their personal data and information is safe, and only those organisations delivering a connected, secure and trusted experience will survive.

Why choose Fujitsu?

With our help you can become more competitive, agile and customer centric. Our digitalisation services and solutions empower you to create new revenue streams, reinvent output and connect with your audience in new ways.

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