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Media IT Solutions – Connected Capability

For a Connected Capability
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Fujitsu Media Technology - platform management

Fujitsu is recognised as a world-class technology platform manufacturer. We have the expertise you need to implement multi-speed media technology, capable of enabling you to manage back-end services, whilst at the same time allowing you to constantly innovate to develop front-end content.

We offer enterprise scale digital transformation and expert legacy application knowledge. With digital running throughout, we can standardise and consolidate your platform. We take care of legacy applications and systems to create a platform that enables content collaboration.

We empower your organisation to move to a place where channels merge and your audience is involved and engaged with your content.

With a connected dynamic platform, you can better connect with your audience. It allows for omni-cast/multi-channel programming that supports always-on delivery, to ensure a connected customer experience. Real time commentary and response, is all owned and run on a single platform to deliver content in a non-linear way.

Digital business transformation

In a hyper-connected world, digital technology can enable you to support and deliver an immersive customer media experience on any device, at any time.

With our digital media technology, you can transform your organisation, we enable you to engage your staff and increase their productivity.

Fujitsu Workplace Anywhere

Workplace Anywhere removes the physical barriers to effective and efficient service delivery. Workers have instant access to business-critical applications and information, to allow them to work at any time, in any location and on any device.

Benefits include: increased productivity and improved worker engagement.

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