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Media IT Solutions – Connected Business

For a Connected Business
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Digital media technology for scalability and flexibility

Fujitsu are experts in media IT technology. We offer end-to-end platform integration, and seamless workflow and business process support for Media and Entertainment organisations. Our solutions enable you to focus on delivering service quality and audience experience.

Digital media technology has changed forever how and when media services are consumed. Today customers want a more personalised experience, and demand access to news and entertainment on any device and in any location.

As a media organisation, you are judged on the content you provide and deliver. Down-time and service disruption not only leads to audience discontent, it also impacts revenue streams such as paid media and advertising.

To meet consumer demand for media services anywhere and at any time, your organisation must be on-air and on-line creating, delivering and distributing content 24/7 365 days a year. In order to scale up and down in line with the peaks and troughs of your customers’ content demands, you need the right infrastructure and support.

Why choose Fujitsu as your media technology partner?

We enable you to provide a seamless audience experience. Our media IT solutions offer the right processes and tools, to ensure connectivity from the studio right through to content delivery.

We understand the importance of networks within the media sector. Our connected IT services and solutions, deliver the process and infrastructure improvements you need to:

  • increase availability and reach
  • flex with demand
  • manage costs while increasing productivity
  • build customer trust and retain loyalty

Fujitsu customer study: ITV

ITV, the UK’s largest commercial television network, asked us to develop a new way to support and manage its vital Artist Payment System (APS), and enable its migration off VME.

Our solution was to migrate the APS to a Fujitsu application management and infrastructure solution, to secure the application’s future and provide ongoing comprehensive support.

The time-sensitive migration was completed to deadline, and has resulted in significant application performance improvements.

Discover more about how partnering Fujitsu has benefited ITV. (243 KB)

The benefits of digitally enabling your workforce

Digital technology within the workplace improves worker engagement. By digitally enabling your workforce you can improve their efficiency and boost their productivity.

The benefits of digitalisation to your organisation include:

  • increased mobility and flexibility
  • faster, smarter decision-making
  • time savings and more efficient communications

Discover more about the benefits of our digital media technology.